1 Week Update: Acid Test to Nix Body Odor


Happy November! :maple_leaf: While many are already in the midst of their No-Shave month, I have been thinking of an experiment while my arms are in hibernation during the cold season. I recently stumbled upon

It got me thinking again about body odor. If more than a handful of members are interested in my results (or would even try different dilutions on their own pits), I’d like to test the efficacy of Borax and black tea (both diluted) in eliminating the dreaded BO. I am aware that black tea might cause discoloration/staining but I’m willing to give it a go. While Face Off is under way for some, why not dive into the DIY realm with me? I probably won’t post photos because it’s more of a nose test, which reminds me of (drum roll, please)


Measurements: 1/2 tsp 20 Mule Team Borax in 1 cup of distilled water and 1 generic black tea bag in 2 cups of water.

1 week results: The Borax lasted 18-20 hours and the black tea lasted 19-21 hours before any odor developed. No skin irritation experienced or discoloration. Using cotton rounds to apply, it took a few minutes to dry. Perspiration did occur.

Conclusion: I’m used to some kind of fragrance in a deodorant (not using antiperspirants nowadays) so it was different to have no pleasant odor of any kind. There was absolutely no smell at all, which was pretty unbelievable but I checked several times. I did try to reapply after I noticed the return of The Stink but that really didn’t work, it definitely dulled it but it was still there. Overall, it was cheap and remarkably effective. There are some concerns about the safety of Borax but I haven’t done enough research to dissuade me from using it. If I could choose only 1, I’d choose the black tea for it’s numerous health benefits. I’d like to try green and white tea so that’s next on my agenda.


I love it Kim! Just curious, what was your experience with the alcohol-based mist deodorant concept we sent out, was it effective in combatting BO?


I was reading up on “No Shave November,” because I was thinking about my brother and how I have NEVER seen him, or my dad, with a beard. Then I was wondering if my brother’s job would even allow it. Then I saw this photo in the article under, “Not Everyone Can Participate,” and I think I have the answer.:blush:


For a few hours I was covered but I think the longest it lasted was about 6 hours and then things got a little weird and not so fresh.


I usually never laugh aloud when reading but that was an exception :rofl: Some men don’t participate because they don’t grow enough hair but I’d definitely try to grow one of those cool pencil moustaches if I were a man


Quick update: Day 2 of testing Borax and black tea and I’m totally amazed. 20 and 21 hours of absolutely no odor. I don’t know what to say except I’ll continue for a full week and go from there. I did sweat under my arms so neither is an antiperspirant but I felt glad that the glands weren’t blocked! Full details will follow after the week is up.