14th Century Morning Routine


Obviously, not every kind of woman’s routine but still really fascinating! Look at those tweezers! I read the blog article linked in the description and I was so surprised at what was available at the time :exploding_head:


I’m so thankful to be alive today and not back then. Those tweezers… What they lack in precision they certainly gain in efficiency. How about that 10 step 14th century beauty routine? The knife was a cool touch, we should bring that back.


Very interesting. And I second your emotion to be glad I didn’t have to live in those times. I wondered several things watching that video. 1) How and with what did she brush her teeth? 2) Was the hair powder, oils and cloves used to mask unclean hair odor? 3) What was the purpose of the knife, cutting lunch time apples? 4) Who helped the servant girl get ready and dressed? 5) And why did they move soooo slowly?


@alpacas That’s exactly what I do every morning! Except my cats do it and then I do it for them! Right! That really was fascinating, how’d you find it? :cat:


I am amazed that these things did occur even back in the day. I just recently had someone telling me how I don’t need a facial moisturizer. God, that really pissed me off.


:laughing:I noticed your signature cat face, it makes me chuckle when I see it. I was searching about hand pollinating :corn: and it showed up as a recommended video. I was looking at no poo reviews so maybe that was how it showed up?


@alpacas The hand pollinating is interesting. What are you growing? Veggies, flowers, herbs? What are you planning on doing with them?:cat:


I’m growing Silver Queen corn, 4 types of tomatoes, zucchini, crookneckmsquash, cantaloupe, eggplant, bell peppers, banana peppers, garlic, 2 types of basil, fennel, strawberries, swiss chard, onion chives, and mint. The peaches and pears have been harvested and now it is fall planting time which means snow peas :grinning: Other than eating all that, I’ll preserve some stuff for tea (strawberry leaves, basil, mint, sage, catnip) and hopefully infuse oil for balms, salves, and the like. The roses aren’t too fragrant, the glads are sunburnt, the lavender is too young, and the 2 kinds of sage are being enjoyed by the bees. I still have to plant coneflowers and this weird vine but it’s been too hot and smoky for it. At least the earwigs are mostly gone :partying_face:


Oh, I’m so jealous! How much space do you have? I seem to have no emotional middle, it’s either city for being close to people and activity or the country when I just don’t want to deal with anything but me and the rest of the less temperamental beasts! Then I want to dig. My schedule keeps me to a few large pots on the porch but your garden sounds so wonderful! Keep those bees happy, we need them. Are you raising bees? I’m thinking honey, but also beeswax!:cat:


If it were up to me, I would have no grass or driveway! I have 2 raised beds, one is 10x12 and the other is more like 6x6, some flower beds and this weird area that once had a single cauliflower plant. I’d take photos but 1. Weeds and 2. Whoever landscaped before us had some idea that fruit trees belong directly off the road. Gotta work with what we have and change whatever the pickaxe can handle. I definitely get you. I was born and raised in cities, never really experienced country life until a road trip. Then one day, my mother and I decided to go to an intentional community after speaking with the woman who created Moon Valley Organics. That farm changed my life in more ways than one, it was the best 2 weeks thus far. Since then, I have desired huge change. There are beautiful people everywhere but it’s the space between that make them even more precious. I tried pots but my plants have preferred the ground, much to my amazement. I could build a clay dwelling for chickens if I really tried. No bees yet! A future goal, for sure. I think I’d harvest royal jelly, propolis, and pollen along with the honey and beeswax. I could probably make something for visiting mason bees…now you’ve got me thinking! What are in your pots?? I hope you’re growing catnip :wink:


Sadly, some building repairs (had to move everything) and incredible rain seem to have knocked out everything but lilies and morning glories, 2 tiny narcissus plants and some coleus. My two little hairballs and I are thinking we see some catnip mixed in there, yes, maybe! It’s lush and green but the vines took over . Looks like Whole Foods and Wegman’s win this year’s growing season!

Can’t believe you’re getting all of that out of that little space, love to see it. And yes, I’ve found most plants are happier in the ground, I guess we forget how many little micro roots there are spreading out in there!:cat::cat::cat: