5 products you could not live without


if you could only have 5 products in stores to choose from what would you want them to be? what scent, and what qualities would you want them to have in them?


Let’s see:1. a good moisturizer but it’s got to go on easy. 2. a black liquid eyeliner, but gel might do better. 3. a mixed shampoo/conditioner that doesn’t leave my hair limp or with a scalp residue,just tames the frizz.
4. A lavender, copper or taupe eyeshadow, powder would be OK, but I’ve got a Sephora “crayon” that’s pretty perfect.
5. A bronzer/blush to sculpt in those cheekbones. Still got tons of Bonne Bell, I hope the line comes back. I’d just as soon they be unscented, so I can pick that myself. Woodsy or spice scents, please. Nothing too sweet.


i would think mine would be the following1 a moisturizer 2 a lip blam 3 body lotion 4 a quality shampoo and 5 sunscreens.


I would have a good lip scrub, body exfoliator, facial moisturizer, light pink-minty lip gloss, and eye drops. If I could have any quantity I would of course have them be never-ending! My eyes get dry so I occasionally use eye drops. Lip and body scrubs help my dry skin especially in winter. Facial moisturizer makes me feel refreshed and minty lip gloss in a light pink is an essential for me. I like fruity scents when it comes to scrubs but when it comes to my mouth I only like minty things.


#1 my micellar water because i love having a clean face #2 for sure a moisturizer because, I hate the feeling of dry skin on my face #3 a body butter because I can’t stand having dry skin anywhere on my body #4 eye cream for under eyes and lids because as I get older I want to work to prevent those fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes #5 an eyelash enhancer because I can’t wear fake lashes I have just never figured out how so I like to condition my natural lashes to prevent them falling out and make them as long as possible


A must would be some type of RetinA, a wonderful exfoliating facial wash, a very good moisturizer that isn’t to heavy or to thick, a lip products with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla,
and a great body moisturizer with also a hint of cinnamon and vanilla.


Toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper, body wash, exfoliating gloves, moisturizer.


Lip balm, a good body lotion/cream, some kind of oil (sweet almond, argan oil), black eyeliner, aloe vera gel. I have to add to the list a cleanser (body wash/face cleanser). I know that’s six, but I need that.

  1. Cleanser: I love my Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleanser and couldn’t bare not having it to clean my face. It has anti inflammatory agents so it keeps the redness minimal and has even reduced the redness of those nasty broken vessels appearing on my nose.
  2. Moisturizer: I use a variety of moisturizers having combination skin so there isn’t any one particular but these are just another must have I couldn’t bare to be without.
  3. BB/CC cream: My It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC cream is my “foundation” for the summer. I cant stand heavy foundations in the heat and this product is my go to4. Deodorant: I would almost make this my number 1 cant go wothout because without it I just feel gross. I also love my fruity scents or my cucumber scented for days I want minimal smell.
  4. Shampoo: My hair is just as important as my face when it comes to being clean and healthy. Definitely could not go without it.


Hmm, all basic necessities aside, I think these would be my picks.1. Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm - This is my absolute favorite lip balm. It’s extremely moisturizing and healing and once I started using it, I felt like I couldn’t go back to any other lip balm aside from a basic chapstick I just leave in my purse.
2. Ulta Amped Lashes Mascara - If I’m only going to wear one makeup product, it’d be mascara. I really love the Ulta one because it’s cheap but still works amazingly and it’s not clumpy at all!3. CeraVe Facial Moisturizer - I love this moisturizer because it’s very light but still hydrating enough to thoroughly moisturize my skin and keep it feeling nice.4. Sunscreen - I don’t think I would’ve thought to put this if I hadn’t seen other people put it lol, but I burn very easily and would definitely regret not picking it! I don’t have a favorite, so as long as it’s SPF 35 or more and gets the job done, I’ll be happy!5. Razors - I figured it’s not exactly a “necessity” but I can’t stand the feeling of body hair. It always annoys me if I let it go for too long. I don’t have a particular favorite kind, but I do like the ones that have those “soap bars” around the blades.


I would definitely go for the basics:DeodorantToothbrushMoisturizerShampooConditioner


Toothbrush, hair dryer, flat iron, moisturizer, deodorant. (This one was hard!)


Now those are some deserted island products right there!


Yep. I’m ready for Survivor!

  1. Moisturizer2. Brow Pomade3. Dry Shampoo4.
    Lip Mask5. Lotion


I have a sonicare toothbrush and I lost the charger for it a week ago and it’s still keeping it’s charge so def that.

  1. Cleanser3. Moisturizer4. Argan Oil5.


Can you tell me why Argan over other oils or butters?


Foundation, mascara, cleanser, anti-aging serum, and a great conditioning shampoo/conditioner.


Oh wow that is a hard question I think #1 I would choose a sheet mask for acne or oily skin but that’s a struggle for me and I need to strip the excess oil off my skin and I love masking.

#2 facial cleansing wipes the ones from Sephora I love all the varieties but use the pore/blemish/mattifying ones the most (green package) they are great for cleansing the skin but also have scrubbies on one side which can exfoliate and act as a scrub too which I love

sabon body scrub is my all time favorite body scrub though its expensive it leaves my skin silky soft and super clean feeling, its a must

#4 and 5 for sure lipstick and mascara there essentials and make your whole look with just those products you look put together My fav mascara I always get compliments when im wearing is urban decay perversion its amazing at lengthening , volumizing and no clumping yes! Lipsticks my all time fav is nars lip crayons there so much money but last forever and look amazing, they stay on too


A good moisturizer, good lipstick, well covering foundation, good mascara, well applied eyeliner.