5 products you could not live without


running water, electricity, food, water, clothes, would be my top 5 picks of what i can’t live without. but if you mean 5 products, conditoner, soap, razors, lotion, and lip balm. the last 2 i could combine into one and say vasoline, and add in a towel.


I think you hit mine spot on👆


my Petal Fresh shampoo
eyelash curler

I can’t live without these because most of these are a necessities to not look like a monster on a day to day basis lol.

I like neutral to mild scents.
I’d like them to fit with my skin/hair, etc


Clinical strength deodorant,. A nice in shower moisturizet that shimmers, wet to dry foundation rhat is anti aging and has good coverage, douche that has pheramones and a sensual odor, an antifungal soak for my feet that would kill toenail fungus and slough off all the dead, dry, skin from my feet and leave them feeling silky and take away the aches and pains feeling rejuvenated.


Now “that” is some impressive list!


Beeswax Yellow, NYX lingerie lipstick, deodorant, Chanel №5, toothpaste


I’m loving that you included Chanel #5.