๐Ÿ—ž 5 Skin Care Claims on the Horizon



I found this interesting because I rely on claims. I will try anything once and I love discovering new brands and products, which is the main objective of all my different subscription services. But when it comes to purchasing products, that product has to do exactly what it says. And no 2 people will get the same results so I research every aspect that I can even before trying the product. Everyone wants to know that what they are using works and their are many claims that are just bogus and backed by absolutely nothing.


I research product and look at ingredients and reviews, what products claim is marketing to sell product. I think you have to do your own research to be a informed consumer.


A lot of skincare Iโ€™m seeing lately has Iron oxide, and other metals. I ALWAYS read the ingredients first, I try not to use synthetic substances on or in my body.
I do ,however, get LOTS of free samples and full size products to try because I review them. Some, I LOVE, others,not so much.
I donโ€™t use most of the mainstream products, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE natural, such as Goddess Garden, Primal Pitt Paste, Schmidtโ€™s, and more. They are made with all natural, and organic ingredients,and last for sooooo long.