5 star beauty product review warning


there is a lot of facebook groups where sellers offer people free products in exchange forpaypal after review.which means they send you money via paypal to purchase product and then also give you money for your fake 5 star review. others only pay you for the product after your 5 star review, making the product free, only if you submitt a 5 star review, and if you do not like the product they ask you to message them the bad, but still post 5 star review. this is to get their product on front page of amazon searches for such products. now that doesn’t mean every seller that offers you a product to try for free will ask you to lie, i have tried products for free and gave my honest opinion and still got the product for free, but that is not my point. although amazon is working to track down each and every fake review and wipe the fake reviewers accounts and make it to where they can no longer review another product on their site, most other sites have not done anything about the fake paid 5 star reviews. you have to be careful trusting reviews on products.some say it is safer to trust the lower star reviews but there are some sellers that pay for those as well, they have been very thoughtful in getting people to purchase their products. always research a product on any and all websites and compare all reviewsif it is reviews you base your decision off of.sometimes you just have to try a product to see for yourself. but if you know someone who has tried iti would try asking them.the only reason i posted this is because someone had mentioned it on another beauty talk forum and being as i have seen from insideof groups what they say and what they do/ how they work, i thought i would shed a little light on this subject, and try to help people who judge a product by reviews find a way to see through the fake1-5 star reviews that are truly paid for, instead of written in honesty. there is nothing worse then getting a highly recommended product, and it not working right or causing allergic reactions etc.i hope this is useful and i hope it helps people be able to purchase products that do work for them instead of getting tricked by reviews.


I’ve heard of scams like this before from some YouTubers I watch. Sadly, some companies are paying people to write positive reviews on their products. That means that even the certified buys from Amazon can’t be trusted sometimes. When I buy something I like looking at the reviews too but it’s good that you’re sharing this because I’m sure someone hasn’t heard about this. Thank you!


thanks for sharing that info.


It is upsetting/irritating. It’s also a good reason to write your own review after trying a product. When I first started shopping much online,I learned quickly to look for sincere-appearing reviews. They’re so helpful. If something sounds all hyper but doesn’t really tell you anything, it’s probably not real. Real reviews can save you a lot of money!


very true, but anymore the fake reviews go further into detail and make it sound really good, but you gotta remember there are tons of groups for that community with a lot of practice and also a lot of sellers pay for
2-4 star reviews as well. it does suck when they fool you into buying something that doesn’t work. i write reviews on everything i purchase, and try to be as informative as possible pointing out the good a long with the bad, becuase i have been fooled a time or two myself by those reviews


i started out writing reviews for bzzagent, smiley360, influenster, crowdtap communities, who send you free full size products, sometimes even whole product line boxes, all you had to do was post pictures on your social media accounts and write a review to them. then i found out about tomoson and intellifluence and they had i guess you could say bigger ticket products, and literally everything you can think of. i started getting campaigns
but the seller would message me outside of the tomoson and intellifluence campaigns asking me to do 5 star reviews for paypal in exchange.
i had to report them to tomoson and intellifluence of course, because i don’t agree with that, but anyhow i started seeing facebook groups,
amazon 99% codes, amazon real reviewers group, etc. those might not be the actual names but they looked interesting, once i got accepted into the groups i seen all the posts where they were discussing all of this the sellers and the reviewers, i even seen a few honest reviewers get bashed when they commented how they werent gonna post a fake review for any product.
but the sellers were even asking reviewers to down vote other peoples reviews on other products, i still am not clear exactly what that means, but i seen where they paid certain reviewers for the 5 star, then the 4 star and last but not least 1-3 star reviews to make sure their product comes out sounding appealing regardless which star rating it has, but they go for the 5 star ones first because it gets their products on the front page of the search suggestions for anything you search up, on the sites they sale their products on, and this doesn’t just go for beauty care products, it is done for everything you can think of. i learned a lot from joining those groups thinking they were something else, but i also left those 50 something different groups after learning all of this (and am now able to share what i read and learned with everyone in here
and my friends and family),
because i don’t want to be associated with anything like that . i myself will not write a fake review of any kind due to i fell for them a time or two myself and had hospital visits over it.


I rely heavily on product reviews to help me decide, especially when I’m on the fence about something. What I have found is that I have to read not just the front page reviews but really go in and read reviews from different time periods and recent reviews. Sometimes the reviews that are on the front page on Amazon are from several years ago and if you look at recent reviews the product has changed and people no longer like it, but Amazon is still showing those 5 Star reviews front and center.


It’s a shame that these companies feel the need to do this. That alone tells me they don’t think their product is good enough to get genuine 5 star reviews. This ruins so much for the real consumers looking to make a purchase. Amazon is pretty much my go-to for general purchases. Thank you for the information!


For people that make purchases based on 4 or 5 star reviews, it is unfortunate that they can be deceived by paid influencers. I try really hard to make an informed choice on a new product by reading about the ingredients to see if the product can actually do what it claims. I also read the negative reviews first. If there is a widespread and common negative issue among reviewers, I may take note of that and move on to something else.


I don’t feel this is something that I would participate in.


a lot of people do not participate in writing those paid for fake reviews, but most people rely on reviews to make a purchase, someone mentioned this on another beauty talk forum and being as i had accidentally joined groups thinking i would get samples for honest reviews, i learned a lot about this topic and only shared it to warn people. but it isn’t just 5 star reviews that sellers pay for, it is also 1-4 star reviews as well, the 5 star they pay for to get on the front page of the search engines on certain sites, the lower star reviews is so they can convince a buyer to purchase their product. i just wanted to shed light on it since it was mentioned.


I get emails ALL the time for this type of review, PayPal deal.
I either ignore or respond with “sorry no PayPal”. Even though I do have a PayPal account this keeps those Amazon sellers off my back.
I WILL NOT leave a review that is not legit.
If the product sucks I will let it be known.


I was not part of this scam but got my reviewing capabilities taken away by Amazon. Unfortunate that I was part of the clean up. I still love Amazon and reviewing products. I will always give my honest feedback.


have you contacted amazon? they will give you your reviews back.


I have several times tried to convince them and they will not restore.


keep calling and keep saying something to them. they will eventually restore your reviews, but you have to be persistent.


There was a big crackdown on people doing this on Amazon; however, people still do this. They either give the products for free, cheap or even pay people to write a positive review. I have also heard of people being pressured by the companies they get products from to write the positive review. It is really hard to figure out what reviews are real anymore. However, that being said some products work differently, or better, for some than others (especially beauty products). It is hard to know what their bodies respond to compared to our own, how sensitive they are, etc.


I was persistent for months. Every single time they said their decision was final.


Would working with our community to crowd-source-test the best products be of interest to you? I briefly brought it up here: Price vs. Quality


Yes it would be of interest to me.