5 ways to age well ( it doesn't mention skincare products)


i was sent an email about 5 ways to age well, but it did not say anything about skincare products.which is what i use for anti- aging, trying to age well. i thought i would post it, just in-case it is useful.



thanks for that info.


Thank you for sharing.


Great advice. Thank you


I think spirituality is an essential part of aging well


Also doesn’t mention, a positive attitude about aging. Optimism is key to longevity and youth.


Most anti aging products are meant for people in their twenties. It’s just marketed to middle aged and older people because they are the ones the most worried about how deep their wrinkles are. We all age and should accept it. Like archb011 mentioned, we should have a positive attitude about aging because it will happen to all of us! If some product makes you feel better about yourself, then use it. If you feel like nothing is working then either let it go and be proud of what you’re becoming or try something like changing your diet or get more involved with building your relationships with people.


The social thing is a big deal. It may or may not make us look younger, but it will certainly make us feel more relaxed and part of a living world.
So, take your friends to a healthy lunch
and knock off a few aspects of that article!


They say if you feel good, you look good. If you are mentally healthy then it reflects on the outside. One of the best ways to help the outer appearance is to work on some of the inner stuff.


thats most definitely true, stress has made me look terrible a few times in the past.


I was just thinking the same thing…


I wholeheartedly believe that “You have what you say,” and “As a man/woman thinks, so is he/she.” Your thoughts become your words, words become your actions. Aging well or unwell begins with what we think and tell ourselves about ourselves. Those thoughts and words will then produce behavior conducive to what’s healthy or unhealthy.


I do believe that aging has a lot to do with state of mind.


“Be social” is what I need to work on. I can pretty easily talk to people, but I don’t really seek it out. I never would’ve thought that could have anything to do with aging. Very interesting list, thank you for sharing with us!


i need to work on that as well. i found this one to be interesting, although it didn’t have anything to do with skincare products . very welcome glad you found it useful :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing. I definitely need to start taking better care of my skin.


I read this several year ago, and it has always stuck with me. Look at how your plants and flowers are outside in the sun, wind, and other elements, and they will start to wilt. What is the first thing that we do to help them? Not go buy the best fertilizer, but give them water. Our skin is just like the plants and flowers. If your skin is dehydrated, it is dry and tight. You start noticing fine lines, and if left untreated they will eventually become wrinkles. Treat your skin just like your plants, and give it water. Keeping your skin hydrated is the key to keeping it healthy. Giving your skin the water it needs, then you can use all the different anti-aging ingredients to boost collagen, that is our fertilizer. And fertilizer won’t work until you water the roots first. I wish I could find where I read that, and give them credit. It would also have a lot more information, but that is what I can remember taking away from the article.