About Cracked Heels and Calluses


What is your favorite treatment for cracked heels? Cosmetics Products? Natural such as soaking your feet in Apple Cider Vinegar or Listerine, how about Vaseline and socks at bedtime. Or gadgets and buffing. Do tell!

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Listerine and Vinegar Foot Soak.
I cup Apple cider vinegar plus one cup Listerine and two cups water. Soak for 15 minutes. Double, triple, recipe to fit your tub. Enjoy🌹


I use vaseline every other night, it helps a lot. My husband has bad calluses, I have to use a scalp to remove it. But he is stubborn with moisturizing it.


I’ve been doing those exfoliate foot peels. After shower put them on your feet. Their are like foot bags. Then I put socks over. After 60-90 minutes take them off rinse feet and then each day after soak feet for 10-20 minutes. Works good enough showering daily. No lotion on feet. After a few days feet just start shedding off the dead skin!


My Nana would put Vaseline on her feet and hands. Globs of it at bedtime and then put on old :socks: socks.


I use this, the smell is to die for! It instantly makes your feet feel soft.


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Sounds nice @naffy786. Vinegar and Listerine soaks smells pretty bad lol. TY

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I’ve been thinking of getting a parrafin bath for my feet, mostly so they’ll forgive me for standing on them all day, but I’m thinking it would help with any dryness problems too?

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I usually use a foot mask for softening my feet. There are tons of brands who offer a foot mask.


https://www.healthline.com/health/paraffin-wax. Here is an insightful link @Emgie

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For me I feel Vaseline works great!


My combination is the Ped Egg followed by Now Pure Shea Butter.




exfoliate after a warm baking soda foot soak with more baking soda made into a paste then rub your favorite lotion on them.

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will have to look into trying this!


There’s a famous recipe in Brazil for that too. It works with cracked heels in a couple of days.
Use it everyday after shower at night, with socks or wrapped in plastic for 30 minutes, cause it takes a while to absorb.

Ingredients :
10 aspirin pills (mash it with a spoon until dust)
100ml glycerin
100ml hydrogen peroxide 10 volume
2 tablespoon of any lotion

Mix all together and keep in out of the light. Make sure to mix it well before use.

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This is one area I need to prioritize more but since I moved to WI my feet are hidden 9 months out of the year! I have a battery operated callous buffing device that I bought off Amazon 6 years ago (now discontinued) and it works really well. I follow it up by applying True Blue Spa shea butter foot cream from Bath and Body Works before tucking my feet away in thick socks. I also try and remember to apply lotion to my feet prior to working out because the movement/heat REALLY seems to buff my feet and help my feet absorb the lotion.

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I’ve been using a Silk 'n Pedi tool for years and then apply lotion and socks after using it. I don’t have that rough of feet but it does help.

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I absolutely love the Kocostar Foot Peeling Mask it is amazing. I don’t even really have dry skin or cracked heels on my feet, but I was surprised. You will be amazed all the dead skin that begins peeling off in 3-4 days.

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