About Facial Scars


Would love some ideas on products (lights and creams that help) for facial scarring. Scars from acne, picking, accidents and the like. TY in advance.



one of my family member got stung by an insect or God knows what, a year later, and the scar is still there. Thankfully it doesn’t hurt them.


Have you tried vitamin e oil or bio oil? There really good for this issue


Retinoids would probably be the recommendation. If you can swing a dermatologist, they could recommend derma fillers and light therapy solutions.


The only suggestion i can think of is Mederma. I also saw another product but it’s a bit pricey I’ll add the link below.


I also found this article as well


I think this would be a great recommendation.


It is a great recommendation @Stormidoll. Although I would feel compelled to get out my magic markers and draw a face and hair on that mask. :jack_o_lantern:


You are wise and helpful. Thank you @John


I have heard of bio oil @Rachel_C. Next time I go out I may pick some up. TY


Thank you so much @vanessa6297. Great suggestions.


Thank goodness @naffy786. There are some very good suggestions. :wink:


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Laser therapy is a good option, a friend of mine had success with it a few years back.

I will look into trying Maderma, do you know if they offer any samples?

This is hilarious and would be funny to see a pic!

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Feona, yes, I know right?


Try massaging just three drops of Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum on it at night. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is commonly recommend to treat dark spots and sun damage, because of its ability to brighten the skin. It can also do the same to pigmentation around scars. I would also layer it on top of a scar product. Unlike traditional scar gels that improve not only pigment, redness, and texture of the scar itself, vitamin C targets primarily pigment. So you should put it on top of Mederma or Scarguard.


I personally like my scars there a part of me and what I have been through though I get a lot of people like to fade them or cover them up.


I understand where you are coming from @Rinareviews7. For that reason I won’t color my hair again. I love my gray hair.


I’ve heard really positive reviews on the DermaE scar gel; I’m actually considering picking it up for myself.