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@John does the news apply to what’s specifically happening with Community Cosmetics, as in the Weekly Updates? Or does the news apply to the noteworthy experiences of Community members?


Right now the thinking is that it will function as a blog/news/announcements category for Community Cosmetics… so I would say yes, similar to the Weekly Update we do with the Co-Creators. Now that we’ve opened up our forum, we need a public-facing outlet for CC happenings. However, I’d like for us to start featuring Co-Creators and members in some updates, so I don’t know if this is what you mean by “noteworthy experiences of Community members”, but I’d love to know what you have on your mind.


I originally didn’t have anything on my mind, was just wanting to be clear on what you were communicating. But later I thought about how some of the Community members might want to share their milestones with us. I was thinking along the lines of someone getting their Masters Degree or Ph.D. or something else that has been a process of dedication.
IF you decided to allow for that type of news to be shared I think you would need to definitely set some guidelines because it could quickly turn into a “free for all,” of just life experiences. For instance a new mother might think it’s newsworthy that her child just got his or her first tooth.
The more I think about it, I think my idea should be scratched because someone is bound to share something that isn’t a noteworthy milestone and possibly get their feelings hurt when their post is removed. So, never mind. :blush:


i have learned a lot from this community and the advice and suggestions, also the posts going into full detail about the types of fragraces, the types of moisturization, different types of lotions, the lathering and different types of body washes. this community has helped me discover a lot of better working beauty products i didn’t even know were out there. the milestone for me is discovering better products for my skin, and hair, and the different better fragrances more suited for me,and for my daughter, my son, and my grandmother. and all the things i have learned about the differences in skin, in hair, in products, etc. this community is absolutely awesome, and teaches people everything they need to know. also helped us create the perfect body wash, i would love to know how to purchase.


I’m new to this community and happy to be a part of it. I am slowly reading, learning and waiting to comment as I feel more comfortable.