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Not sure how to use the forum? Get your feet wet here! A place to test posting and replying to topics.


I keep trying to do the guided bot tour but I am not getting very far. First step to click … and bookmark which I have done but it’s not going to the next step? I am so confused. I was messing around with it for 5 minutes and had to give up for now.


After bookmarking the page, a new instruction will appear below. I just tested and it worked… lemme know.


Okay I am just a little slow today LOL. I was clicking the 3 dots but I guess once the bookmark icon appears you have to click it again for it to work! Onto the tour now, thanks!


I’m trying to not stress about this new system. I’m a little anxious that I will miss something trying to navigate all of this, but I’m staying positive. :slight_smile:


It’s all good. Best way to figure it out is just to use it. There is a critical difference between this system and the old one I’ll put into a new sticky post (“sticky” bumps it to the top and makes it visible until you do something with it) which is that we heard the feedback on posting fatigue, so we’ve configured this platform to NOT send a notice on every new topic posted.


Seriously relieved that maybe I’m not the only one to have trouble with the bot and some anxiety about maybe missing something important. Will be going back in again (not really sure how I got to this page!)


Am I totally missing the section with questionnaires or are there still some to be posted?


We’ll embed questionnaires and polls I’m to posts. We’re you looking for something in particular?