Actual Samples


We’ve shared a little about favorite freebie sites, but is anyone getting really good samples? I’m thinking even if the sample isn’t available anymore,if you liked it, maybe the rest of us would too, and you’ve already given it your vote.


i have signed up for so many different sites, i have gotten full size samples on numerous products. such as face wash, masks, shampoo and conditioners, anti aging face& eye creams, etc. i would have to google the pictures up. but jafra was my favorite line of skin care products, and nexxus was my favorite shampoo & conditioner samples, niara works pretty good but they don’t make a face wash to go with their product line. if you need me to be more specific let me know. :slight_smile:


I get lots of freebies because I have a YouTube channel.
Most of the products that are sent to me are full size.
I can’t really offer an opinion of freebie samples.


I’ve filled out a few request forms and I have gotten some. I had some dove Derma Series items from Target arrive recently. Everything else has been like a scent sample.
I"ve noticed samples offers vary during the year as well.


I always tink the best way to get sample sizes of quality products you actually want is going to sephora, ulta, etc. And asking for one. But try the app “freebies and deals” it’s constantly updating on companies that are offering promotions. I’ve never gotten a full size sample though.


I get full size products from crowd tap after applying.
(If I am lucky and get chosen)


Recently, I wrote a few reviews of topics I just plain liked, not necessarily cosmetics. I didn’t get more samples, but there is a wealth of good-value coupons for things I actually will use hanging off my fridge. I sent the reviews directly to the manufacturers


@Emgie I know if you contact companies or brands you use regularly and comment on how much you like their products they may send you a coupon or two.


How many videos and/or followers did it take before you started receiving products? That is such a fantastic deal! :smiley:


Dirt Road Diva? I love it! Good luck!


I’ve enjoyed CrowdTap but haven’t gotten selected for anything recently.


I get a lot of samples from Sephora & ULTA.


It was within the first month I had companies reaching out to me. Lots of the things that are sent to me are full size and I also get a peak at brand new things coming out. Having a channel is really wonderful but an honest opinion no matter what is sent to you is the most important thing. Lots of things are wonderful but you must be able to let your viewers know when something wasn’t very good or didn’t work for you. Hope this helps.


Dirt Road Diva Shootin’ from the Hip


Hmmm, I’m not sure why I was given this comment from you. Could you please enlighten me???


Because you call it like it is. Although I now realized I used the wrong shooting :gun: expression:

Shooting from the hip: react suddenly or without careful consideration of one’s words or actions.

Straight Shooter: an honest and forthright person.

Meant to say you are a straight shooter, thanks for calling me out!


It depends on your content and to be honest I reached out to a few companies too. I also just talked about free products I request as well. But here’s a company you can contact that offer samples.

When I reached out to companies I ask if they are willing to work with bloggers you can word it however you like. But every so often you luck out.


Thank you for clarifying this. No harm done. LOL. you sure are liking those emoji things. Wishing you a wonderful day.


If you don’t want to do a YouTube channel you can sign up for Pinchme and I have gotten some really wonderful things from them. I just received a full size jar of the Dr. Perricone Cold Plasma that retails for $98.00. Again, you do need to start reviewing products but from this site it includes things from travel, hotels, alcohol, food, etc…


I’m part of pinch me and I have been for a few years. Thanks for the info.