Actual Samples


I am part of so many influencer sites and freebie sites. I love being able to try new products and give honest feedback.


pinch me is a great site to get free samples and even full size products


I Google so much that my answer to everything is “Google it”. I receive samples just about everyday. My latest favorite was from Coola. It’s a mineral sunscreen. I just love the way it feels. It’s not greasy and works well. I think the sample offer might be still available. I saw it again a couple days ago.


@Tami-Dalton Thanks for the heads up!


Just a couple of places that I get free samples.


I got several good sample from crowdtap but since they updated the website i got nothing.


I love Influenster it is the place to discover new products! Influenster is home to over 25 million honest reviews, thousands of photos, and tons of discussions from savvy shoppers like you.


@MarshaWoods It must be fun having companies reach out to you to send you things–I’m a little jealous, lol.


When @John wrote “Dirt Road Diva shootin from the hip,”’because I didn’t know the reference was to you, I thought he was naming a samples sight. So I googled “Dirt Road Diva shootin from the hip! :laughing: Surprised to find that Dirt Road Divas is an actual website. I’m remembering now why I was nicknamed “Ms Literal.” :blush:


@emgie Check out I have gotten a lot of great samples from them on a continued basis.


Hello, samplers, I need help identifying a product. I’m usually pretty attentive to what samples I’m asking for, but I just got one that’s a little bit of an enigma.? Anyway, I just got a sample from Furaha, two little containers, one unscented, one “Serenity”. There is absolutely no descriptive info in the package. All I could find out was that Furaha translates roughly into “joy” in Swahili and that they make an all natural sheet mask? Just did a little more searching and apparently it is shea butter, but nothing else listed. It’s apparently a brand new company out of Pennsylvania. Anyone else get this and know what 's in it? It’s a good sized sample: :rose:


I’ve been getting skin care samples from ebay. Not free but most give 10-30 and I pay around $5. Free samples usually don’t seem to be enough for me to have an honest opinion about.


hahahahahahahaha i was just scanning this covo because im always looking for better freebie sites and i wrote it down hahahahah i cant stop laughing im thing ok shootin from the hip i wil check that out as soon as im done hahahahahahahhaahahhahha my stomach hurts and im crying… i really wrote it done, i guess i will have to look at the other convo to get some other bits cuz :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: from the hip isnt going to turning out any freebies lol


I would love to know a few good ones you really like. that would be great. Im new so when i put in freebies this is what came up…im sorry to bother you it was a while ago thank you


:grin:So glad to hear I’m not the only one!


oh no im still laughing cuz i just turned the page on my note book i haveheheheha. i think we will be friends !!! :smiley::sweat_smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


I belong to a lot of sites as well we are you getting full size sites other than smiley360 or Buzz really don’t get influenster crowdtap once find other places just give you small samples I did sign up with boxycharm but that’s not free so I was just wondering anymore you can add to my list or share if you would be willing to?


DHC was having a no shipping promotion at their site a few days ago plus if you type in the promo code, CELEBRATE, you get 10 dollars off plus 4 free samples. I ordered a full size lip gloss that cost 9.50 and got it for free. I can’t wait to try it.


If you log into L 'Oreals website, they usually have free samples available when they come out with something new.


I Joined free cosmetics testing, and just received a free china glaze nail polish to test try.