Actual Samples


Yes, Yo Free Samples always keeps updated with free beauty samples, also some freebie pages on facebook,. Other legit sample sites include pinchme, crowdtap, Bzzfeed, influenster, the insiders website, etc. Sometimes survey sites actually do offer samples but you need to go to legit ones, like swagbucks, mypoints, surveyjunkie, mindfield surveys, product report card, etc. not the ones that will spam you. Sometimes it takes many many surveys to get to a survey about sampling products so also not always worth it. Also sites like Bazarrvoice tryit that are closed sites and only open for short periods of time for sign ups, so you can’t just expect to find those sites and sign up. There are others also but I can’t think of them off the top of my head, but most of those are harder to get samples from or require you to have a certain “influence” and following on your social sites. But, as more people are added to some of these sites, the less chances people have to actually get samples since they tend to only offer a limited supply to the first ones who fill out the forms, or pick from the sample group they think fits their products best.