Any recommendations for products that can reduce the fine lines around the neck/chest area?


I noticed too many fine lines around the chest area probably due to sun damage. It seems that the products that allege to get rid of it are excessively overpriced.Are there any recommendations for products that actually work and/or reduce the fine lines?

About Neck Cream
About Neck Cream

It’s pretty delicate skin with little fat so maybe something for the eye area would work? I once saw a bra that was supposed to help reduce wrinkles, it looked like a sports bra turned around. For chest wrinkles, some use a pillow but not sure how far your wrinkles go?


This is a good topic. As many women often neglect the decollete area when performing their skin care ritual. And this is often why signs of aging appear. This area sees the sun as often as the face, so it too should receive adequate daily sunscreen. Also an upward sweeping cleansing motion with your daily facial cleanser. And daily moisturizer as well. I have seen speciality creams for existing lines and wrinkles specifically for this area. But have not personally experienced any of them as I do not have a concern yet in this region.


I don’t have this problem and haven’t heard of how to help it. I’m not much help on this one.


I found a few things that could maybe help! I personally don’t have this issue yet, but I did a little research.
I found this list of what’s supposed to be the 14 Best Neck Creams of 2018, according to Allure. apparently using sunscreen can actually reverse the signs of aging, not only prevent it! on the list is the RoC Multi Correction 5-in-1 Chest, Neck & Face Cream ($27) - "This glycerin-rich cream not only moisturizes skin, but also targets discoloration and dullness — all while shielding the sun’s harmful UV rays with SPF 30." on the list is the L’Oreal Advanced RevitaLift Face & Neck Cream ($18) - "This formula contains a (gentle!)
for diminishing fine lines, so you can put your best face (and neck) forward in one fell swoop."



Adding collagen and grass fed beef gelatin to your diet


I started using Life Flo Rosehip Seed Oil a few months ago and I am very pleased with the results.



I am fighting with this problem right now and through the years I have tested several things but my most favorite thing to do is just exfoliate and keep hydration in that area.


I have tried many different brands and to be honest I haven’t found one that has given me any noticeable results. Ive noticed that keeping my skin very hydrated and moisturized has helped reduce the wrinkle and fine lines


I found that this cream seemed to help. It’s a bit on
the thick side and can be used at night.



i have tried A LOT and this one works within just 3 days it is by far the best one i have tried as far as wrinkles go, it also faded my acne scars a little bit but on wrinkles it is a miracle cream.



I love using heavy hydrating cream on my chest at night to prevent aging.


wow. I never heard that before. Have you tried it and it worked for you?


how often are you using it?
How long did it take for you to see the results?


That is what I am beginning to think probably will work too.


Thank you for the recommendation. It’s affordable enough where I can try it and not be crazy upset if it doesn’t work


Interesting topic!

I keep seeing these decolatage wrinkle masks on Amazon…wonder if they are any good?

IDK…these have just popped up recently on Amazon deal sites.


I use it every morning and every night. I began using it in February and I already see results. My skin on my neck has shown dramatic improvement. And my face is much smoother as well. Even others have commented on the changes.


I’ve been struggling with this since I hit 35.
Some products that I SWEAR by are a good hyaluronic acid.
It’s great for plumping up the skin and wrinkles.

I also use a variety of serums and moisturizers.

But, the one thing that has absolutely hands down worked for me is a dermaroller.
Now, alot of people aren’t going to do this as it requires tiny needles to be rolled over the face and decolliete area.
But, if you’re looking for something that WORKS then this is my best recommendation.
You could also try some great glycolic or Aha peels.


A good moisturizer brought down onto your chest can help. I kind of like Derma e night cream for it since I don’t worry about it staining sheets. I’ve been using their hydrating moisturizer and I think it’s actually a little much for my face, but I bet it’s great for your chest. I’m a child of the Jersey Shore and it was a long time ago but general moisturizer seems to do the trick.