Anyone do curly girl hair stuff?


I just started for me and my son. Got a few products to start off. The group I joined doesn’t use shampoo just cowash, condition, curl activator and products like that. I’ve done 3 washes without shampoo so far and my hair ugh lol!

For those that do it what products do you love?

Also wondering if anyone has any suggestions for my sons hair on how to get his curls more thicker if that makes sense. I used my fingers last night to twist a bunch but it’s hard because it’s so short but it seemed to help quite a bit. I’ll add a pic of his hair

Also do you guys wrap your hair at night? What do you use?

His hair before any of this … yes there is weird mark that was from his headphones and playing fortnite lol. Definitely dry and lots of frizz. He’s never really had longer hair always got it cut short but he wants to grow it out a bit.

This was after the first curly girl wash and condition and I just used a comb to brush it. This is is when his hair was dry or really close to dry

This is last night when I just used my fingers to comb through and twist most. It is still wet in this pic but when it dried it did hold together well and was less frizzy. I guess I am asking because recently I saw an ad for some comb thing that was supposed to help but the reviews weren’t so good and this was before I started the curly hair stuff so didn’t pay too much attention to it.

So any tips/suggestions? Product recommends?

Here is what we have so far. I did order a Shea Moisture deep treatment (protein one) and then another conditioner I am waiting on.

Still learning and trying to figure out protein and moisture.


I have curly/frizzy/unruly hair, partially I’ve learned to accept it for what it is, my products vary depending on season but I will throw a pro tip in the mix. After shampoo/conditioner, I apply my curl creme while still in the shower (after I’ve rung my hair out) then I shake my hair for a good minute (this elongates the curl) wrap with a cotton t-shirt (as a towel prompts frizz) then use a diffuser to dry (if not air drying) if you don’t have a diffuser, invest in one! It makes a huge difference! Hope this helps …


I have the exact same hair as your son. I only finger comb with co-wash or conditioner in the shower, even then it takes a day to get rid of the frizz from finger combing. I never, ever, brush or use a traditional comb on my hair. The moment I get out of the shower I wrap my head in a hair towel while I dry off and moisturize, then remove the hair towel and let it air dry. In my experience, the less you touch it, the tighter the curls, the less frizz. If I put product in it, I apply to my hands and scrunch it in.


Thanks! You know I had a diffuser for 15 years I used it when I was a teenager and I finally just tossed it this past spring because I hadn’t used it in forever. I’ve heard of the cotton tshirt and need to figure out how to get that to stay put. I bought a microfiber hair towel and I think that was approved to be used in the group I joined.


Thanks! I’ll forget about the comb thing I saw and was searching for.

So do you not use shampoo either? I quit using shampoo in his hair months ago and it seems to help a bit. Definitely will be a transition process for my hair.

I think maybe then we just need some patience with no combing/brush and lots of moisturizer.

Do you wrap your hair at night while you sleep? He said he would maybe consider wearing something. He really does seem to like it and touches it a lot himself and I keep telling him to stop!

For the most part he’s always had short hair and his dad has short hair so he’s pretty clueless on what to do

Oh and last question I think! Do you use protein at all? I’ve seen others with similar hair say their hair soaks it right up really well. But I also read if you don’t need protein and use it, then it almost dries your hair up.


Shampoo just dried out my hair and made it frizz, which is why I only co-wash or condition, even then I don’t do it daily, and will often water rinse.

I enjoy the feeling of a brush on my head, and miss not brushing my hair. Instead I’ll scratch or massage my scalp. It’s not the same, but it helps.

I don’t wrap my hair when I sleep, I can’t deal with bulky things on me and need to be unencumbered when I slumber.

My mom still tries to touch my hair, and I’m 42… No mom! You just can’t touch curly hair (at least mine) or it loses its curl and gets frizzy. It’s remarkable.

I’m unfamiliar with this protein product you speak of, do tell! I put whey protein in my green smoothing for bfast in the am, but something tells me you’re talking about something else…


I read if you get your hair wet then you must add in moisture/conditioner. He only showers every other day and will skip that any chance he can get.

Lol, yes something else! I’ll link the specific product. From what I understand it’s just certain ingredients that make some protein rather than moisture.

And then this one below would be an example of no protein or little protein


@Melissa21, @John I used John Freida Frizz Ease and it worked great. I could go outside in Charlotte’s and Atlanta’s hot, humid weather and my hair remained frizz free.
I know you need frizz control for curls, it works for that also.


I used the frizz ease a time or two a few years back, and I think it actually was a cost-effective frizz control product I didn’t mind using! Forgot about that one thanks Cherri!


I haven’t found one that doesn’t make my hair either crunchy or oily feeling, I have not tight curl but not loose waves hair and have a really hard time finding product so I usually just blow it out and straighten it


I’ve used that in the past quite often actually but I’m trying to stick to the curly girl method strictly. And that has silicone so wouldn’t be approved.


I have this is a secret of mine, but I’ll share it with you…I sometimes use a pea size amount of Aquaphor on dry hair by rubbing it across my palms and fingers, and then dusting the tips of the hair with my hands. It’s great for smoothing those irritating little frizzes caused by hair breakage. My hair is wavy and it helps so much! I found out about this from my mother who is a hairdresser.