Anyone try a bubble mask?


So I got a sample with an order I made recently for THE SAEM Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask.

I was pretty excited to try it out. I had seen videos of a different brand and it looked really neat.

I knew I had to go fast because it’s a gel that bubbles/foams up quickly. So I went quick and got the sample on most of my face but the smell was so horrible. Perfume/fragrance. Yuck! Once it foams up a bit you are supposed to rub it in so I started to rub in the right side of my face and it turns into like this gel again. I didn’t bother rubbing in the left side, I had to wash off the smell. I was disappointed I really wanted to like it. So after I looked up the ingredients and it definitely has some fragrance/perfum and preservatives (im not knowledgeable enough to know if these are bad yet).

There is another one Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask that I have heard a lot talk about. Any try that? I see the ingredients also have pefume/fragrance in them. So I guess I wont give that a try.

Anyone know of any other bubble masks they liked?

But for those of you who do okay with fragrance you might like it. It seemed like a fun mask type thing to do.

Here is the video, sorry not in English. Not my video. But it shows how it bubbles up.


Sounds very new and interesting but never tried pearl mask. I will look in to it.


I’ve wanted to but now I’m not sure!


I love trying new masks! They are so popular now and there are so many to choose from. I have not tried a bubble mask yet but would too. I have always been interested in the Elizavecca Bubble Mask. I really like that brand so I think their mask would be great!


I tried a bubble mask that came with my I pay was awesome


I love these. like you mentioned, i think the piggy is the most well-known, but i have tried others, though some don’t carbonate as well. this used to be my favorite, but i usually use sheet masks now since they are less messy.


I’ve never heard of them until now and your first experience definitely doesn’t pique my interest! A terrible smelling product is definitely a turnoff for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Yeah, I am sensitive to smells. I would not even try if it has perfumes in it. Yuck.


I have used the ELF Bubble Mask. Sometimes it’s hard to get the product out. But, I do like it. However, it tickles me so much at first. I truly do giggle each time I’ve used it. I don’t think I’ve used a bubble sheet mask. Does it tickle, too?


Did not know this was a thing. Never saw it before.


never saw this before… cant wait to try this…


:heart_eyes: looks very soothing


I haven’t I’m interesting I trying them. They look neat.


Not that I recall. I know the video I posted she seems to say she can hear it bubbling. I think I was just too concerned about the perfume smell and wanting it off.


love sheet masks especially if I stick in the fridge a bit before use.


I had never heard of a Bubble Mask before. But of course I googled it. Supposedly it’s a mask that uses carbonated water. I guess that provides a different effect when using it, but it seems the benefits aren’t much different from a non bubbling mask.


i’ll have to try that, I’ve never even thought of that and yet it probably makes it feel even better.


I have been curious about these bubble masks. I would love to try one.


I’ve seen some videos on instagram of people using these bubble masks and it looks kind of funny, but based on what you said about the smell, I’m not sure I want to use one.:thinking:


I tried a couple of bubble masks last month and they were okay. I got them in my ipsy bag. They left my skin feeling really clean and soft, but I didn’t find them to be any better than regular, non- bubble masks. I prefer a good clay or sheet mask.