August 2018 Co-Creator Openings


Hello :wave: new forum members! @newmembers

Did you know that we are looking for 50 :new: Co-Creators for our upcoming Deodorant module this August? As a Co-Creator you will help develop requirements for our products, receive free samples, complete surveys, and participate in our online community. Yes, it’s more involved than your typical freebie program, but if you’re passionate about personal care products, it will be a labor of love and a lot of fun for you. Right now we are only able to ship samples to the lower 48 states in the US, sorry Puerto Rico & Alaska.

While your best bet to becoming (and staying) a Co-Creator is to start participating in our forum discussions, we’re looking to spice :hot_pepper: things up this summer with a little contest. If any of you are interested in participating in a forum scavenger hunt for the chance to win :medal_sports: a Co-Creator spot and help create our next product, let me know and :heart: this message. Want to learn more about being a Co-Creator, read our FAQ.

Also, please take our poll!

  • Yes I’m interested in participating in the Co-Creator program, mingling with members of the community in the online forum, helping develop products, and of course receiving free products to test.
  • Honestly, I was really just hoping you would send me some free samples without having to jump through all all your hoops and talk to people in your forum.

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:mega: UPDATE!! Our Selfie Face Mask Contest is ends 7/31!

:wave: Welcome to Community Cosmetics (Read Me!) Please Introduce Yourself Here :)

Hi John. :raising_hand_woman:t5: I will start participating as much as possible this week.


Hi im here unsure what i need to stay active but im glad im here thank you


Hi John, I am also very interested in getting Co creater spot and will mingle/communicate with other members as much as possible. Whenever I get an email from you I always reply but couldn’t participate in the forum because I am still new to this community.


Hi, I’m interested in participating.

Thank you.



After using some bad deodorant in high school and thinking I had a sweating problem I have been really picky on the deodorants that I use. I have been reading about natural deodorants and haven’t made the plunge to try one yet. I am interested to learn more about what is being created. I’ve heard some natural deodorants are also antiperspirants, though most are not. I am hoping for a combo that I can rely on.


I am in Greece on vacation so difficult for me to contrilibute right now on cellphone. I will be adding more on the 23rd or 24th when I return.


Oooooooh. sounds like fun! I like scavenger hunts


I have very new to the group and am very excited to be part of this community! I will definitely be an active participant. Your upcoming deodorant module sounds amazing! I am always looking for new products to try and providing feedback after use. And a scavenger hunt? Sign me up!


Excited about this! Just downloaded the app :slight_smile:


Yes I would love to participate in the scavenger hunt and get an opportunity to become a co-creator on this project.


The second poll choice had me laughing way too hard that’s funny.


I’m excited about participating !!


Hi!! Excited about this!!


Glad to be here. Would love to try a scavenger hunt. Sounds fun. Can’t wait to delve into collaborating on a new product.


So interested in participating john but have not been able to since I have exams coming up. Though I make sure to go through the posts in my free time and reply !


I love to try it and become one of them to do it and try out the product


i would love to participate. Trying to learn how to get involved


I’m very interested in participating thank you


I would love to try please