Bad Product Experiences


Have you ever had a REALLY poor experience with a product? Like allergic reactions, made you breakout, etc?


When the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation came out, I got it immediately and was SO excited for it…until I used it and my skin broke out in hives! It was so disappointing and I never had an issue like that with foundation before!



Years ago like back in 1996!
I bought a blueberry flavored lip balm from Avon and the first time I used it my lips felt very tingly and then numb!
I looked in the mirror and my lips were HUGE!
Apparently it was an allergic reaction with something in that specific lip balm.
I have used other avon flavors with zero problems and can eat blueberries with no issues either.
Needless to say I tossed the lip balm immediately!


I had an allergic reaction to a body wash I used a few years ago. I remember that it was Olay brand, but I don’t recall specifically which one it was. Anyway, this was the worst reaction I’ve ever had to any product. I was covered in hives from head to toe and all swelled up. My lips, eyes, and even my ears were swollen. I was so embarrassed to even leave the house, but I ended up going to the doctor to get a benedryl shot and a perscription. My doctor told that it was one of the worst allergic reactions she had ever seen. It took a few days before I even looked like myself. Thank God this was the only time anything like that has ever happened to me.


While in college I used a product to lighten my hair, something like “Sun In.” It should have been named “Sun In Hair Out!” My hair starting coming out gradually. Of all the people to notice, the first was was a guy I was dating, He actually asked, passionately, “Is your hair coming out?!” I got it cut the next day.


I can’t use liquid eyeliner. It makes my eyes itch. No matter what type I have tried I just can’t use it.


When I first started using makeup I wanted to try makeup from the dollar store. Some eye shadows make my eyes itch. ELF products have always worked well but I think the brand that irritated my skin was LA Colors.



I’ve had problems with liquid eyeliners too! It’s amazing how quality products make a difference.


No allergic reactions, but I once lost almost 2 inches of hairline to some kind of body wave solution. I found this woman through some students working for me. They all had great haircuts. She was so good that I asked her if there was anything she could think of that would beat my fine/frizzy/wavy/heavy hair into submission and she recommended a body wave. She applied it and set my hair in jumbo rollers so it wouldn’t come out too tight. When she checked it at the appropriate time, there was no change! We decided to give it another minute or so and when she checked the rollers next time, hair started to come with them. We very gingerly pulled out all the others and stuck me under the faucet. I was lucky, for some reason only the front broke off so badly. Remember those giant, thick head bands? That’s what they were for, apparently. Don’t know what brands she was using, but I’ve been a perm/straightening sissy ever since.


Yes! An ItWorks rep sent me samples of some of her skincare stuff and it all made me break out in so much acne I threw it all away.
That was the worst reaction I can recall.


Yes I am having a terrible reaction to a foundation I just started using from Neutrogena. I’m 30 and haven’t had acne since high school. No more Neutrogena foundation for me!.



I"ve tried a few different brands. I tried one by L’Oreal a few years ago and I had to throw it away after the 2nd use. I also tried one from Prestige cosmetics because the sent me a sample but I had the same result.
The 2nd sample had two different types the pen style and the regular wand applicator type. Both I ended up throwing away.


I feel your pain. When I was deployed, I woke up one morning and
my lips were blistered and huge after using my normal Blistex balm in the little pink pot. Apparently I had developed a random photosensitive allergy to SPF. It was so bad that I could no longer use SPF anywhere on my face. I thought it was just my lips, but the next time I used sunblock, my face was swollen and blistered. So, no SPF for me. It seems to be fine if its a part of another skincare product (like tinted moisturizer or foundation), but not on its own or in large quantities.


I experienced the “hair extreme shedding/falling out” from WEN products.
Luckily I figured out it was the product and stopped all of them immediately.
Other than that I have pretty tough skin and I do use an arsenal of skincare/makeup and I am constantly rotating so if I do get a break out I can’t figure out what caused it.


I had read of people who had similar experiences. Here in CA some women waged a lawsuit because they lost quarter-size chunks of hair.


Channel Eye Cream - not only did it burn the area around the eye but it swelled up that entire area and gave it a whole meaning to eye puffiness.


Do you guys remember back in the day they had those noxema pimple patches?
They were like small round bandaids you put over your blemish and it was supposed to diminish it?
Well I used one of those and not only did it not diminish my zit but the thing grew like 10x bigger!!!
It was horrible. There was no hiding a huge lump on my cheek😢


I got the Urban Decay Electric palette forever ago and when I first tried a pink look, the pink eyeshadows stained my lids for days!!
I looked like I had conjunctivitis.
It was so BAD!


I was so excited to try this lash & brow shampoo by Beauty Garde. I usually use Too Faced mascara Melt off but I go through it so fast and its expensive so I was looking for an alternative. Well this is supposed to remove all of your eye and brow makeup, even waterproof. The first time I used it It burned my eyes so bad that I had chemical burn under my lower lash.
Definitely didn’t expect that from a product that is ment to be applied to the eyes. The concept is great and it works really well, but I will definitely
never use it again.



I’m on my mobile and can’t easily post (let alone type) the link to the EWG new suncreeen list, I wonder if that’s worth looking at?