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The Baumann Skin Type Test, is the best, most comprehensive method of classifying your skin available today (in our opinion).

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Week 13 Update

I read the 16 skin types and found her definitions a little confusing. I finally thought I found the one most closely related to me, ORPT. But my skin isn’t tight. THEN, I took the test and was given a different skin type altogether, ORPW. While I do have some smile lines around my eyes, when I smile, my skin is not wrinkled. Her questions in the test are waaaaay too limited to get an accurate answer. One gives you the option of choosing 30+ and you and your parents look older than you/they actually are, or bein under 30 and you or your parents look younger than you/they are. Neither one of those descriptions apply to me or my parents. But there was no other option. How can they recommend products when you’re forced to choose an option that doesn’t apply to you?


The idea is, if you look younger than your age your skin is T (tight), but if you look older you’re W (wrinkle-prone). Regardless if you’re 30+, you’re now wrinkle-prone, so the idea is you now feed your skin a regimen that supports that type of skin.

I’ll take responsibility on that test, thanks for letting us know what you think. We built that test based on her skin types, and we took a simplified approach, so people could actually get through it. In our first pass it was over 80 questions and the nuances didn’t seem to add much in terms of selecting between certain skin types, so we made it internet-friendly. Hopefully didn’t lose too much in translation.

Was is just the wrinkle-prone designation, or were you deliberating on any of the below:

Dry vs Oily
Resistant vs Sensitive
Pigmented vs Non-Pigmented
Wrinkle-Prone vs Tight


@John Oh, ok. Thank you for clarifying between tight and wrinkle prone skin. Yes, it was in this category that I wasn’t able to give an accurate answer because her choices were limited to being over 30 and looking older than you are, or being under 30 and looking younger than you are. There was no option for someone older than 30 that looks their age or younger than their age. But I understand now that you explained, that the assumption is, regardless of how you look, if you’re older than 30 you need products for wrinkles. Makes sense.


You know I love quizzes but often I just feel like multiple choice doesn’t have the answer I need to pick lol! In the end I got–

OSNW: Oily, sensitive, non-pigmented and wrinkled skin often has acne breakouts or facial redness and flushing, as well as frequent skin rashes and irritation. Unfortunately this skin type has less protective skin pigmentation and because of that has a tendency to wrinkle due to current or past lifestyle habits that may include sun exposure or smoking cigarettes.

But now I am going through it again … And have questions so I can figure out the answer.

All my life I thought I had oily face especially tzone but now that I am using a facial routine I am not sure because I don’t get oily. I was probably dehydrated a bit and so excess oil. After cleansing now I add hydrating products and serums and a moisturizer to lock it all in. After doing this my face feels more just normal and really soft. I rarely get oily.

Now the next one-

I try to go more towards sensitive skin products mainly because they don’t have fragrance in them. Not really sure that I necessarily need sensitive for my face though. But they are working well and have no scent so I have been sticking more to these types of products. I’ve never been diagnosed with Rosacea but I’ve never seen a dermatologist (out of my budget right now), I do have a red patch on my right lower cheek and have for as long as I can remember. A lot say if you have rosacea stick to sensitive products because your skin is sensitive. When I am warm my face gets red super fast and really red (i’m guessing this is flushing?) - I think that is hereditary same happened with my dad, same with my son and my niece. And I rarely break out. Every now and then I get a pimple here or there. My face never gets itchy. I am 34 and have wrinkles under my eye in the inner parts, but that is about it. I’ve noticed slight pigmentation on the very top of my forehead the past year- I am guessing from poor use of sunscreen and easily getting sun burn but I have started using sun screen. My pores I would say are not visible unless you look very closely.

I’ve used all sorts of products though: glycolic acid, azelaic acid, fermented stuff, niacidamine, other exfoliating acids that I can’t spell lol… Snail products, etc. Stuff that some don’t react well too but I have had no issues.


I got OSNW which is exactly what I am. The test seems to me to be very accurate. I was kinda surprised at how short the test was to find such a spot on answer. This test confirmed everything that I hate about my skin…at least now I have a definitive answer.


I think I’m a mix of DSPW and possibly DSNW. I am wrinkle prone and I do have a dry skin. it’s an interesting list but I can be a bit confusing.


I end up getting more confused with so many options or results.


OSPT: Oily, sensitive, pigmented and tight (non-wrinkled) skin is characterized by facial redness and/or flushing, acne breakouts, or frequent skin rashes and irritation. The inflammatory problems associated with this type are often followed by a darkening of the skin areas that were affected by the pimples or skin irritation. Like the OSPW, dark patches such as melasma and freckles occur often. However, this skin type has a lower tendency to wrinkle than other types because of increased skin pigmentation that protects the skin from aging and if you find you are this skin type it will benefit you to lead good lifestyle habits like avoiding sun exposure and smoking cigarettes.


Yep, I would say that the very short version of this hit the head of the nail for me. :clap:

OSPW: This skin type can be identified as oily, pigmented, sensitive, and wrinkled. You’ll find that the skin is characterized by having acne breakouts, facial redness or flushing, or even susceptible to skin rashes and irritation. Darkening of the skin in the areas are a result of the inflammatory problems. In some cases dark patches such as melasma and freckles occur. This type has a tendency to wrinkle due to a lifestyle that may include sun exposure and/or cigarette smoking.


I got Oily Sensitive Nonpigmented and Tight. I also found the choices a little confusing. I do break out fairly easily and my skin is more on the oily side than the dry side (combination) so I get that part. The pigmented and nonpigmented part kind of confused me a little. I don’t necessarily get dark spots in the sun, but I do get dark spots after a pimple is popped or if I get a larger pimple, even if I don’t mess with it, it usually leaves a dark spot before it heals, so I have a few dark spots on my face. I am over 30, but I am always told I look at least 10 years younger and my mom was always confused for my sister. I do agree with being sensitive because there are a lot of products (especially ones containing silicone) that I was able to use when I was younger that immediately break me out if I use them now.


I got the same as you, but I was also pretty confused on some of the choices! I never know whether my skin is dry or oily… it’s a little of both, depending on the area of my face, but I do think it’s more on the oily side. I didn’t understand what it meant by “dark spots,” but reading someone else’s result above, I see that freckles count as dark spots. I do get freckles! So I guess I answered that question wrong, but I don’t think of freckles when I read “dark spots.”


My results were DRNW: dry, resistent, non-pigmented, and wrinkled. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to drive straight to my therapist’s office or straight to the spa for a treatment, I somewhat understood the results. The questions were a bit broad and could have gone a few ways depending on the weather for me. I live in Florida in which it is relatively humid almost every day. I would consider my face to be more of a combination-dry as in sometimes my T-zone will be shiny & oily. I literally could have chosen the alternative answer on the first question and acquired a different result. [insert smiley face here and make u-turn from therapist’s office]. Resistent although typically has a negative connotation, I felt good that I didn’t have to deal with the acne-prone skin that I have had in the past. Winning!! Non-pigmented, which I was a tad surprised at because I feel I have uneven skin tone. Wrinkled, ughhh, where is the chocolate and red wine so I can drown my woes? The dreaded “W”…I guess there could be worse things in this world. Like leaving your makeup bag in your hotel room after you’ve already checked out. Been there, done that. Loved participating in the quiz though. I love learning new things and reading new material. Thanks for the info!


Interesting! Had to go read to figure it out… but, def… OSPT: Oily, sensitive, pigmented and tight (non-wrinkled) skin is characterized by facial redness and/or flushing, acne breakouts, or frequent skin rashes and irritation.


Here’s mines! I often get random rashes and my forehead is darker than the rest of my face. I just bought Burt’s Bee’s brightening skin care line.