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I happened upon this article via a beauty Facebook group I’m a part of. It’s an article from Allure magazine sharing ways you can donate beauty products so they don’t go to waste.


That is awesome. Did not there was a way to do this. Thanks for sharing.


Your welcome. i thought it was an share worthy. I know local shelters are always looking for supplies but I didn’t know about the other groups.


I love the first one for terminally ill ladies.I am sure they have so much to deal with that paying for makeup is an expense some can’t afford. I have a bunch of new eye shadow I am going to package up and send.

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Good to know. Im actually familiar with family to family. They’re an awesome organization. I’ve done some charity work for them before.

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Thanks for sharing!

Here’s a good way to recycle used mascara wands:


I saw that one recently as well.

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I always donate what I don’t need. Great article!

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With all the samples, & products that are just the wrong shade, what a great idea. I hadn’t heard of this before.

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Your welcome. I was surprised the post even mentioned lightly used products.

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This was some great info ,thanks for sharing


Love this thank you for sharing!

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Awww now this is amazing. So sweet.


This is good info and I have some items I need to donate

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