Beauty care product splurge fail


i decided to splurge a little on shampoo and conditioner. i have heard such great things about this brands shampoo and conditioners. i didn’t purchase the same shampoo as conditioner and the shampoo works just fine.i have been using for a week and i even use the shampoo after the conditioner but it still leaves my damaged coarse hair feeling really greasy and weighed down. i thought biotin & collagen were supposed to be good for your hair.i don’t mind splurging but i expect good results from products when i do.i am not sure why this conditioner is doing this to my hair. has anyone else tried it, with different results?



I LOVE OGX! I splurged once on a sample of it and it made my long straight hair shiny and smell amazing. Argon oil works great for my hair but I’m normally too cheap to buy high quality products and end up using lots of deep conditioners and leave in products. Maybe in the future I’ll go back to this. I just wanted to share my love for it though. :slight_smile:


the shampoo works great on my hair, its just the conditioner that doesn’t


I haven’t tried it bt I have noticed that before when I try a sample and purchase the full-size product they vary greatly.


I was going to say, get samples! I have noticed that what sometimes appears to be pretty inert ends up being a great product after it is used a little longer. Of course, something may seem amazing but a few hours later, you realize that glow didn’t last long. That is a good reason not to go overboard on a pricey item you’ve never used. Of course, within reason if someone wants to buy you gift
for some reason, this might be a good time for a hint about this great product you’re wanting to try but are hesitating over. Of course , if it’s that expensive, you might have quietly forget about it, until you’re ready to buy your own gift!


I am still seeking my go-to hair ritual. I too grow frustrated and weary from buying full-size expensive products that do not live up to their claims. So recently been buying deluxe sample kits for hair and skin. That way I can try multiple products to determine what works the best. Most recently ordered this hair masque kit from Birchbox:



That’s true but I’ve noticed that at times the formula’s might vary from sample to full-size product. I think it probably has to do with many reasons as well
But i’ve also noticed differences in products from one purchase to the next especially shampoo. I might use X brand and it worked great but the next time it might dry out my hair.


I think sometimes companies may experiment with some changes in their formulae without announcing it. I’ve purchased a crate of something for the office and it was different from the previous product. When I called to find out if the formula had been changed or had it somehow been altered in shipping (overheated/chilled) I couldn’t find out though they did replace it. I think it makes sense that sometimes shipping problems arise separate from the manufacturer. I hope that’s it, because in most cases we repurchase an item expecting a consistent result or at least a warning that there have been changes made.


Hmm, I wonder why you are getting that experience.
I wouldn’t think anything would be different but the size of the bottle.


I’m sorry for your experience. I hate when that happens. You’re right, biotin and collagen are good for the hair. It was probably an excess of oils not formulated for your hair type that caused the conditioner failure. Maybe try the matching conditioner of the shampoo that you tried, since the shampoo worked so well?


that is an awesome ideal i might have to start doing that myself. thank you


i thought it was supposed to be, and they didn’t have the shampoo to match that one, so i got the next best one in my eyes. but yeah if the shampoo works good i should probably try it with the matching conditioner. i don’t know why i did not think of that before i posted this, but thank you for pointing that out, because that is what i am going to do :slight_smile:


I think sometimes products may separate during shipping and maybe it also depends on the temps they are exposed to when being shipped to stores as well.


I have found that some products I order on Amazon don’t work as well as the same product purchased at a store. I assume its from sitting in warehouses and maybe old products being shipped out. I noticed that natural ingredients in products might start to smell weird after a while.


i’ve had that happen as well.
i didn’t consider how old the product i received was. i might have to try a certain product one more time to see if that is what happened


I have always heard great things and wanted to try Kerastase hair products, but I’ve never splurged! Has anyone tried this brand?


i haven’t tried it sorry


I have tried the OGX that Kandee Johnson collaborated with and love love love it.
Leaves my hair smelling amazing and clean and soft and shiny.


Have not tried these either.

I’m more of a budget friendly product line lover.

I do like suave professionals shampoos and conditioners.


yeah suave has gotten better over the years for sure. i found out when i received a unilever sample box from crowdtap containing full size product line of suave. i really loved it and the price is awesome.