Beauty products used for hair and body, and face and body


has anybody noticed that some products can be used for your face and body, also body and hair. does anybody use the same product for their face & body , and in a bodywash / shampoo, do you use for both body and hair? i have found that aveeno’s hair and body wash works great as a shampoo and a bodywash combined, but i haven’t been able to find a bodywash or a shampoo, that works for both my body and my face.i have wondered about this subject for awhile.


I had a product (got a full-sized sample!) from Nature’s Gate that is
a body wash, shampoo and
I don’t have the name because I used it all and got rid of the
bottle in a flurry of decluttering, but I will go on the website and order more. It was fantastic. It was either scent free or slightly minty. It did clear the
“husband sniff test for no noticeable scent”.


it even has a conditioner in it? i haven’t been lucky enough to find any with a conditioner as well. please if you come across the name let me know, thank you.


I’ve noticed that lately as well. I don’t know how well it would work for everyone but it is an interesting idea.


I know that Philosophy has a 3 in 1 and I tried it for my hair and it just wasn’t very good at all.
It left my hair very dull and dry. I learned my lesson.


Because your hair is so different from your skin, I have never been comfortable with the all in one combinations nor do I think they are really as effective. I know people used to use soap in their hair but the environment has changed so much that natural ingredients no longer are the same (vitamins, minerals, etc from the soil and water).


Sometimes my husband puts lotion in my hair to make it smell like oranges. Due to my hair being straight I feel like putting other products in your hair (or at least mine) leaves it feeling too weighed down and greasy looking. So I try to avoid this on a regular basis.


My boyfriend uses Old Spice High Endurance 3 in 1 and has for several years. I can’t imagine using the same product on my hair and body because both places have different needs.


I’ve always preferred to use separate products. From personal experience, I’ve just found that to be what works best for me. Like, I want a more moisturizing body wash, but I don’t want a moisturizing shampoo because it just makes my hair a little heavy and greasy.


Got it! Nature’s Gate 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash. It retails for 8.99. Amazon
has it for 5.98 but it isn’t on Prime so it would cost you a few dollars for shipping. They did list a few other sources. If you buy it, I hope it does well by you.


sorry for the caps lock, i just fixed that. and thank you so much i am going to order me some and try it. :slight_smile: thank you for getting back with me :slight_smile:


I’ve seen products like the all in ones that profess to do double duty, but I prefer to use individual products specifically formulated for specific uses.


Mainly seen these types of products in hospitals and nursing homes.


My face, body, and scalp have different needs which can’t be adequately addressed in a combo product.
I’m skeptical of good results with combo products.
I suspect eventually something will get irritated or underserved.


aveeno actually works great as a body wash and shampoo, would be even better if it had a conditioner in it. aussie
has a 3 in 1 that works really good and has an amazing scent to it as well.