Before & After: Garnier Fructis Hair Mask


Before :

I’m embarrassed to post this, but this is my hair a couple of weeks ago, the result of airline travel, being the father of an 8 month old girl with a kung-fu grip, no shower 24-48hrs, being on vacation for a week, and just not taking proper care of my hair for too many days in a row. Could you imagine getting on an elevator with this guy? Someone call security…


This is about an hour after using the Garnier hair mask as a leave-in conditioner. While in the shower I used it in lieu of shampoo, rinsed it, and then made another application and finger-combed the product through my hair, did not rinse this time, and put it up in a hair towel for 20 minutes before letting it air dry, which is what you see above.

Overall I’m pleased with this product and the outcome. Did a great job of conditioning and taming my curly hair. The After photo kind of makes it look like my hair was greasy, but it wasn’t, just shiny and healthy looking. There was no product buildup, and it didn’t feel like there was any residue in my hair despite not rinsing. It smelled nice, not overpowering, and the conditioning aspect of it made it very easy to finger comb through the mess you saw in the Before pic. Finger combing highly conditioned wet hair in the shower is the only way I can “comb” my hair, anything else just destroys it.


Thank you for posting this!!! I got a free sample of this hair mask, but I’ve never used a hair mask and kind of tossed it to the side. Now I’m very excited to try it out!


I’ve heard a lot of “buzz” about hair masks but never really gave them much thought. I think I have a sample laying around somewhere too, @emilybfaber! This has inspired me to give it a try. I have stick straight/thin hair so I am curious to see what my results will be. :grin:


Wow. No offense, but you kinda had a homeless dude thing going on with your hair. That was the ultimate transformation!:clap:t4: Garnier should pay you for those photos and testimony!


Those photos and your experience should also go in the “Have you ever scientifically tested a product?” post.


None taken, it can get pretty funky if I’m not on top of it. Blessing/curse.


@John My first thought was, “That looks like my hair in a stiff breeze if I didn’t do the roller thing!” If I brush it before it dries, it lands somewhere in between. I think I better check out that Garnier sample so many of us got!


Thanks for sharing I’m actually waiting for a sample of that product.


YES! Love this!! This is why I like the Garnier Fructis hair mask. Amazing results! :heart:


So. I’m with you dude, but way in the past (like four+years ago). So I had beautiful, thick, curly hair. Then I had gastric-bypass surgery.
While I LOVE the fact that I weigh 150+ lbs less and that I’m super active and WAY healthy now … I do NOT love the fact that … literally (yes … really LITERALLY), lost HALF of the thickness of my hair.
So trust me. Out of control. Frizzy. More than you think you can handle … GO WITH IT! Because once it’s gone, you will miss all that crap. So much. So very much.


I recently got a sample of this mask in the mail and haven’t used it yet because I’ve been trying to use up other products, but looking at how it made your hair look makes me want to try it on my son. He has curly hair with a similar looking texture that just drinks conditioner. I don’t shampoo his hair unless he gets something in it. Co wash all the way.


You’re speaking my language.


wow that is amazing! I have tried that mask too and I can definitely vouch for it!
I gotta say though, I absolutely can’t handle Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine shampoo. It has made me lose my hair by drying them up.

It’s amazing how one product from a brand can be so much better than another product from the same brand.


I have a sample of this sitting around, but with my very straight hair I don’t think the results will look as drastic as John’s photos. Looks great!


Just let yourself go for a week beforehand :crazy_face:


@naffy786 Same thing, I was using a Garnier shampoo with little bits in it. Can’t find it around here anymore, so I switched over to Sleek and Shiny thinking it could only help. I really don’t know what it did, but texture, shine, general feel were all different, negatively so. I love Garnier, but I, the woman with a gang of partly used shampoo bottles lining the shelf, threw the stuff out. I want my old “bits Fructis” back!


I am thinking that it’s the apple that is in that shampoo (in the ingredients) that does it. I even have started to lose hair from hair line, so disappointed with that shampoo.


Wow! The pictures are amazing! I really like the hair mask. I have fine color damaged hair and it really made my hair soft and nourished. My hair tangles easily and it was so easy to comb after using it. I like that it didn’t weigh my hair down or make it greasy.


Way to put yourself out there @John :sweat_smile:! My 10yr daughter has your exact curl pattern. I also have a sample of this mask and the ingredients seem safe so I’ll have to have her try it out. Your hair looks great. Do you use gel at all?


Thanks Lacey! No, I never use gel. I trim it myself, typically in the shower, when I can’t finger-comb through it to cut out any knots or dreads. I should probably get regular trims more often, it’s kind of dry at the ends which probably makes the knots worse. I’m typically pretty lazy with it and often wear it in a man-bun. Occasionally I’ll try treatments like this to condition it. The Aveda Be Curly is great for styling. It took me way too many years to learn how to care for my kind of hair.