Before & After: Life-Flo Pure Rosehip Seed Oil


It’s always been obvious to me that the skin on my neck, like the skin around my eyes, is totally different than the skin on my face. It’s thinner, and it works differently than my face. My neck has to hold up my head, help nod my head, turn my head, etc. For the most part, my face moves when talking, chewing, expressing. But it moves in parts, not as a whole at one time.
When I worked in Cosmetics we were taught to “treat your neck like your face.” So I would use my facial products on my neck. I thought that this was sufficient. I’ve recently realized that my facial moisturizer really isn’t doing the job to preserve my neck. In February I was taking a picture of a necklace charm and saw my neck and was shocked! It looked like a prune!!:flushed::weary: I had just started using LifeFlo Rosehip Seed Oil on my face and neck. I took a second picture 11 days later and was astonished at the difference! I took another picture in June, and one tonight. The difference is very noticeable.

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HOLY SHIZ! Seriously?!?!? Do you think that this would work on my baggy skin after having Gastric Bypass surgery?


Very impressive change in a short period of time.


Wow, fabulous. I was just reading a study about rosehip seed oil before it’s rosehip season, I love to go foraging when it gets chilly. Thank you for posting this! :hugs:


It definitely couldn’t hurt.


Nice. That is amazing!


Wow! Thanks for sharing! Looks great!


I have rosehip seed oil! I am going to start using it on my neck. Awesome transformation!


This is really cool to see. Your results after a short period of time are amazing. Rosehip seed oil is really great for skin and one of the oils I like to use on my face. It really leaves skin glowing and moisturized looking. It also seems to help fade dark spots and get rid of mild acne. I love oils.


That’s good to know! That was actually the benefit I was looking to achieve when I started using it.


wow those are absolutely great results.


Wow! What a difference!:astonished: Looks like I’ll be adding another product to my stash…! Lol


wow that’s impressive, amazing results!