Before & After: Pure Body Naturals Castor Oil (Eyebrows & Lashes)


@RedBastet have you been keeping up with this regimen? Would love to see an update!


Yes actually … and then EVERY TIME I think about it I’ve already put on my makeup. HAH! I will try to remember this evening to take a few photos after I’ve washed my face to see if anyone notices anything different. Me … maybe in the eyebrows, but definitely not the eyelashes.


Alrighty! Here is an updated photo … do y’all notice a difference at all? (And yes I apparently have bug eyes in this photo. Shush you!).




How long did it take?


I’ve been using it for about 5 months.


@RedBastet Looks like you’ve got it. Wow!:smiley_cat:


Looks really like the floral one I used to apply since I got some health issues and was to take vitamins complex. I don’t have any pics now, but the effect was just magical. By the way, Waxes are essential when having a hypovitaminosis. I’d say, crucially.


Wow, very interesting


On the last picture I do notice the eyebrows are a little thicker