🗞 Behold: The Craziest Sh*t Real Women Have Done to Get Good Skin


What crazy things have you done in your pursuit for beauty?


:open_mouth::open_mouth: I’m surprised some of those ladies didn’t end up in the ER


Wow. Thankfully I’ve never been that adventurous when it comes to my face. I would have been too afraid of permanent damage! You only get one of those, and it doesn’t or can’t grow back, like hair.


:astonished: Woah! Talk about extreme! Is there aANY foundation to the use of boric acid!


I have heard of some women using urine (those of the older generation) to clear up acne. Something I would never try even if proven scientifically effective! :face_vomiting:


Oh no I’m struggling to get past number one, that hurt me to just read! I can’t imagine stabbing your
zits :nauseated_face:


There was a video which went viral over 10+yrs ago where people were espousing the health benefits of drinking your own urine, how it was a natural fountain of youth. I believe it was on some website that looked like it was part of this urine drinking foundation. :face_vomiting:

Turns out it was a hoax :astonished:


It wasn’t drinking urine, or part of a web hoax. I’ve spoken to women of older generations. It was not an uncommon theory that applying urine topically to skin rid acne. :hushed:
Perhaps the uric acid “may” have worked similarly to AHA’s? I use to work with the elderly population and learned of some passed down natural cures. Many useful… this one NOT, ha :joy:


@Tradowsky, @John My mother has told me, proudly I might add, on several occasions how she would remove my urinated diaper and wipe my face with it. Yep, she subscribed to the old wives tale that it would keep my face healthy.:woman_shrugging:t4:


Can’t beat a mother’s love :wink:


I’m literally laughing out loud!


Ok, have another bodily discharge that was used in skincare in historical times… EARWAX. It was used as lip balm and to heal wounds (earwax has strong antimicrobial properties). Here is a very good read all about earwax and the skin inside our ears, which is unique and set apart from the rest of our skin.


wow, what an interesting article, i love reading things like this. we have come a long way innovation wise, but sometimes it’s easier to hope that the cheap easy way will work just as good lol. i dont think i have ever done anything extreme, mostly because i am too paranoid about side effects or negative consequences, the most i ever did was probably as a stupid kid, not for skin but hair, trying to bleach my hair a home with laundry bleach. it was a good thing i tested a strand first since it burned right off.


Ear wax in lip balm?? I sure hope this was done by an individual making their own lip balm and not an industry practice. I can’t imagine who would willingly use someone’s or something’s ear wax on their lips or any other part of their body! :nauseated_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Did a little more digging on ear wax as a lip balm, and indeed it has been used historically in wound care and as a healing lip balm. Apparently just as effective if not more effective than its prescription counterparts for the treatment of cold sores and infections.
"The cerumen (earwax) of some mammals possesses antistaphylococcal, antimicrococcal and antiherpes activities. The cerumen of two thirds of individuals, irrespective of their species identity and sex, has antiviral properties. The mean chemotherapeutical index in the studied groups follows a significantly decreasing sequence: dogs, humans without signs of herpes infections, rabbits, and humans with clinically expressed herpes infection.

Cerumen of almost 25% of humans of the compared groups displays the immunostimulating activity. The cerumen of all studied individuals contains yeast-like fungi. A suggestion is put forward that the products of their metabolism stimulate local release of interferon-like substances by the lymphoid tissue in the cerumen.”"

The article this quote comes from (see below) also mentions urine in the miraculous treatment of athletes foot. Which is another common cure I heard frequently from those of the older generation. Hmmm… good things to know I guess if you are in a survival situation and are desperate for some first aid, lol.


:thinking:Wow. What I’m wondering is, what made someone want to randomly start testing ear wax, of all things?? I guess it’s good that the studies proved beneficial. But regardless of the studies, I can’t wrap my mind around using ear wax, for anything.