🗞 Belei - Amazons's private label skin care brand

They just announced the launch this month. Should keep mainstream brands on their toes!


Interesting, never knew they had one.

I would love to try this. I had no idea they had their own skin line. Its very interesting and packaged beautifully!

I’m so surprised to hear that they have a private label skin care line. Would love to learn more about this!

Sounds amazing, would love to try these :blush:

Nice! I would love to try.

I would love to try it please. I never received anything from this Community yet to try. I have been a member for so long.

Didn’t this just launch. I’m interested in reading the specs and what company they went with to outsource the actual formulation

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I believe I read Allure started their own skin care products recently. Can anyone confirm if that’s true?

Has anyone tried these? Would love to know more before trying

Very interesting!! Would love to try it!

I had no idea - how long has Amazon had this? I’d love to try the products to see if the quality is there…for less!

Wow these look interesting

Never heard of it. It very interesting and love to give it a try

Never heard of this brand!

Worth a look! Thanks!

i definetely would love to try this. I had no idea they had their own skin line.

I heard about this last week, but not interested in this line.

That is nice to know

If I could try a sample of Amazon’s private label skin care products then I could write a review and share. I was shocked that Amazon has its very own skin care line.