Best packaging for skincare ingredients


I found this article that tells the best way to house particular skincare.

Wow Product Packaging

Thank you for sharing this great article @Freedom, very insightful. A few personal additions based on experience and education. Jars are often used in my opinion inappropriately, and very commonly, with cremes. Often with eye creams. Which we dip our fingers in one to two times a day, introducing fresh bacteria. Closing the jar and giving them the ideal, warm moist environment to flourish in. Not to mention the possibility of the addition of other potential contaminants that could alter chemistry composition. Plus if you drop them, you lose product. And air is also continually introduced which can oxidize certain ingredients minimalizing their effectiveness. If you are stuck on a product that only comes in a jar, consider using a sterile or disposable spatula for application. Or put some in a smaller jar for immediate use so that bacteria has little chance to colonize, then clean and refill when done. Pumps are nearly always preferable (the type of pump depending on product as stated in original post). Tubes are ok too. My only issue with them is not being able to utilize all the product. And the container is not easily re-usable like other option.


@Tradowsky Thank you for the additional information. I’m thinking I should transfer some of my products to different containers.


I collect old glass and when no preservatives were available in the vintage eras blue cobalt glass or amber glass was used. Opaque packaging is the best and never keep those spendy products in the light or heat. I love glass containers ( I know new they are rare) but you can always reuse and recycle.


Good to know! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thank you for all this info!


Remember at the earlier part of this century a lot of medicine bottles were brown or blue glass to keep out the light to keep what was in it good longer. Thats why pill bottles are brown or blue.


@Mollyloui That’s very interesting, I never knew that. Thank you for sharing!


What I like is when the packaging is either recyclable easily or compostable, plus does the best possible job of keeping the product fresh.


I have always wondered if packaging similar to plastic but compostable ould br made possibly out of cellulose or some other item.


Thank you for sharing. I think it’s really important that different kind of packaging should be used for different types of skincare products. I find that at times if you have like a creamy textured skincare product and if it comes in a tube format, then it’s hard to take it out. Like you have either too little or too much that comes out.