Biggest Disappointments in Skin Care


What’s been your biggest disappointment when it comes to skincare?Mine has to be when lip balms are held in a stick rather than a pot, because when they melt they break super easily and you can’t reuse the pot!


I recently bought the Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream with high hopes. I used it every morning and evening and it felt really nice and moisturizing. But after using it for a week, my face started breaking out. It was awful, and as soon as I stopped using it, my face started to clear back up. I was super disappointed and had to give it to my mom.


When I really fall in love with a product, become a regular user of it, and it gets discontinued! Totally sucks.


My biggest disappointment would be all of the hidden toxic ingredients in things, especially hair care. I’ve been looking into more natural products. It’s hard though because I have dry skin.


I find it disappointing when big influencers rave about a product and then it’s not as good as they made it seem. I guess that completely depends on your skin though! I’ve heard so much hype around the Sunday Riley Lactic Acid Treatment and I got a sample of it from Birchbox and I don’t understand why everyone loves it! It’s a big enough sample to where I’ve been using it for months now, and I don’t think it’s done a single thing for my skin.
On the bright side, it smells like baby wipes and for some reason I like that hahah.



Amen! Never found a blusher that looked right, then discovered
Bonne Bell clear red gel (from the evil, shelf crowding beauty box. )It was the most perfect match I’ve ever found, though who knows what was in it! Light, bright and amazingly natural looking. Then it disappeared! Serendipity is real, though.
I found their golden bronzer, used it as a blush/contour and never looked back. Still miss my red, but this stuff is an ode to cheekbones!


my disappointment is the price points and added chemicals. I used to be a user of Eucerin products until they opted to add alpha hydroxy in many of their products.
I also find that you can buy a cheaper product that might work as well or better than the expensive one. I also don’t like it when I find a product I like and it suddenly changes formulas too.


My biggest disappointment would be when I buy a new product and I am excited to try it out because of what it promises, but it turns out to be a total fail.


One of my biggest disappointments is when I receive a sample and it’s wonderful, then I find out a little tub of it is $150.
Or when I love a product then they change the formula.


this for sure! i got a sample off of influenster and fell in love with the products, but it would be over $200 every month or so to keep up with the routine, and that’s just too much for me.


Same here.
If I had the money I would buy some of the more expensive items.
I have a few in mind I would love to buy. But I am on a tight budget and there are great products out there that are affordable!

I am so interested in what all we are going to come up with as a group.
This is one of the most unique and exciting things I have gotten into.Speaking of influenster,
I have only received a box of welches fruit snacks from them.
I want to know how to get some skincare to try!


aveeno radiance moisturizer. Almost everything else Aveeno works well for me, but their face wash and moisturizer in this particular line made my


I don’t like when products break me out that I’ve used before. I assume changes to the formulas cause that and it’s annoying. I also don’t like when very thick lotions are packaged in a way where you can possibly get the last bit of lotion out of the bottle no matter how hard you try. I don’t like to waste products, especially ones that might cost a little bit more.


Disappointments… When a product does NOT live up to it’s claims.
When a product that does work or that I really like and it becomes discontinued. And when my skin reacts to a product negatively…all of these are big disapioments I have experienced.


Being 53 and a huge follower of makeup and skincare I have experienced many disappointments.I get frustrated when a product that I love gets discontinued or they reformulate the product and its not as good as the original.My love for skincare has lead me down many disappointing roads and some pricey ones as well.Many well known luxury brands offer some incredible promises with there products only to find they don’t work.My biggest frustration if when I open a product and it starts going bad/spoiled within a month or two of using it.I know that we all have different skin types and different needs and what may be a wrinkle for me might be the same for someoneelse.Also, uneven skin tone is a huge misconception because depending on the severity many product on the market will not be able to benefit all of us.I think it’s most important for brands to listen to the consumers because we are the customer and in MOST cases the customer is always right.


My biggest disappointment was to try a sample product that everyone has been raving about, only when I go to purchase it, it’s sold out! Or I’m put on a waitlist. Ugh the struggle is real! Similar to some of the above comments.


when i start using a product, it really works great for me, and then it gets taken off market.


Eye creams are usually a fail for me. I am 30 so I have a couple little lines under the eyes, but when I wear makeup the lines multiply and become more profound. Everyone recommends a moisturizing eye cream will help but they all dry up so quick. The best one I’ve tried has to be kiehl’s creamy avocado under eye cream. I want to try ole hendreksen, idk id I spelled that right, banana brightening eye cream, I’ve heard good things.


My skin broke out when I started using this too.