Body Lotion 01A & Body Wash 01D: First Impressions


Hello @CC_Body_Lotion_01, some of you are already receiving your packages :gift:, woo hoo! :tada::balloon:

Post your initial thoughts here regarding your new package of samples, and we’ll release questionnaires as separate topics in a couple of days, once you’ve had an opportunity to use the products.

Inside your package you will find 2 samples:

Body Lotion 01A Based on the requirements you voted for: Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose, Mango.

Body Wash 01D A new and hopefully improved, completely reformulated version of Body Wash 01B. While the creamsicle scent wasn’t for everyone, it was the overwhelming winner, and we wanted to take a shot at improving the scent, lather, and thickness of this body wash formula.

We also went a different direction with the packaging, which packaging concept did you prefer?

Here’s a quick poll, would love to hear your details below.

  • I preferred package one, with the rafia and paper inserts
  • I preferred package two, with the jute bag

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As always, we appreciate your honest feedback about the products we’re creating, so :fire: away. I’m having too much fun with these emoji’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Week 11 Update


Recieved mine today and love the packaging! I think the bag was a great addition and very unique. Looking foward to testing them both out!


Mine arrived today. I really like the container for the lotion! Fits nicely in my purse too. Don’t care for the smell. Although so far it’s not a smell that absolutely bothers me to where I would not use it. Although I am not sure I would buy it at a store if I knew the smell before purchasing.

I’m not a fan of jute. It’s different though in a good way and not just items thrown in a box with bubble wrap.

Tissue paper is okay although I really liked the color of the first box tissue paper. This one might match better with the box though.

For the paper insert I do like the first box better. It did have a smell but the texture was different.


What did it smell like to you?


I just tried the new shower gel and I have to say, I miss the creamsicle smell! This smell was a little deeper and muskier, closer to what a body smells like, but I was really a fan of that almost too-sweet original smell. The lotion is nice, the size of the container makes it feel more like hand lotion than body lotion, but I know that’s a part of the sample size. It’s not too greasy and I’ve been carrying it in my purse. The jute bag was a nice touch, it’s in my big drawer of makeup bags now and it’ll definitely be used again.


After reading this I had to go open my bottle… I’m getting creamsicle. We didn’t try to change it, only make it slightly stronger. Thanks for letting me know you thought it read a little different.

Agreed, I’d even say an eye cream… it dispenses very little, though this cream goes a long way. We wanted to try the airless bottle concept, too. And you nailed it, it’s a sample size, we wouldn’t ship a body lotion in that size container.


My package arrived on Thursday so I have had the opportunity to try both products already.

As far as the packaging goes, I honestly didn’t have a preference, but I would use them differently. The jute bag is something I would buy to tuck in with something else to create a gift. I would also use it as a stocking stuffer at Christmas time. The rafia packaging with inserts is more of a stand alone gift. I would buy that and wrap it up as a gift to give all on its own. Certainly, either one could be used for many purposes, but that is how I envision myself using them.

I am going to use the shower gel and lotion and few more times and then I will come back and leave my feedback on those. Initial impressions were very positive however.


I liked both packaging. The thing I didn’t like about the jute bag is that the lotion is too tall for it, so you can’t close the drawstring.

The creamsicle smell of the body wash is very strong, too strong and sweet for me, at least just smelling the bottle. I just received this today so I’ll try it out tonight.


I know this sounds crazy :crazy_face: but the lotion reminds me of the fragrance I smell when I step into Whole Foods grocery store. Yes, you read that correctly, it reminds me of a grocery store! Haha! It is not a bad fragrance though, I actually like it. I am guessing NO ONE else would ever think there is a similarity, but for whatever reason, that was the very first thing I thought of when I applied it to my skin.


The very first time i put it on earlier today I thought of sun screen immediately for the scent. I can’t really think of any other way to explain it.


I received my package on Thursday and my initial impression of the packaging and product impressed me. I concur exactly with the sentiments shared by @cowgirl78 regarding the packaging. I love both the jute bag and raffia wrap equally, but as she stated I would re-use either for gift giving depending on the product and occasion. Just a note on the jute bag… the CC stamped logo was incomplete on mine, mostly faded on top, so this would need improvement if the jute bags are ultimately chosen for a packaging design. I too prefer the original note paper, it really had a great weight and handmade artisan look and feel to it. I never noticed any odor on the original one.
I haven’t had a chance to try the body wash sample yet. However I have smelled it a number of times and do love it like the original batch. It is still reminiscent of a creamsicle to me and the strength seems ideal. However, the strength seemed great too before prior to application. So, the real test on scent for me will come after using it.
I love the Body Lotion container and label overall To me, a pump dispenser is neater and much more sanitary as well as controls the amount dispensed. It truly drives me nuts getting creams in jars that you constantly need to dip your fingers in. No matter how clean our hands are, they will have bacteria on them. And then that bacteria is sealed in a damp dark environment for 3+ months - the ideal breeding ground. I like the concept of an oxygen-free seal on it for preserving product integrity. (A side note to this… is this container recyclable? I did not find a universal recycling symbol on it to indicate). Again, like the body wash I am loving everything about the product label. It contains every piece of pertinent information that a full sized product would contain, all things I look for, including: amount of product, a comprehensive ingredient list, directions, a phone number and website. Especially impressed with the inclusion of a lot number and use by date, lacking in many full size products nowadays. Love and especially appreciate that once again it is easy to read! The first thing I do when looking at any product is flip it over and read the ingredient list. More often then not it is a very frustrating experience. I was easily able to read the ingredients on this sample, even in a dimly lit room. Kudos! One more very positive feature about the label is that it does not 100% completely hide the inside contents. Another major pet peeve of mine is when the product level cannot be seen. As it is a very common marketing scheme to not fill a product package, use an overly sized container, and disguise the visible amount. This is a deceitful and wasteful practice and immediately makes me distrustful of a company. I also like to see the level of the product so I know when it is time to repurchase. I hate not knowing how close I am to running out.
I’ve been using the moisturizer several times throughout the day on one hand only (I often test my skincare products this way as to have a an accurate before and after comparison).
My initial impressions of the actual lotion are VERY positive. It absorbed immediately, which is a must for me. My body skin is normal, never dry, so typically I do not use a body moisturizer and I will absolutely not use a greasy feeling product. Or one that takes a long time to absorb. After using it about 4 or 5 times, my skin is noticeably much softer and has a nice glow to it. Even after the first use, my skin was immediately softer. The difference in skin texture and appearance may make me a fan of body moisturizer after all :grinning:.
Regarding the scent… I am not a huge fan of Rose. This was the only scent I could capture. However, it was still very pleasant and not at all overwhelming. Nor does the smell linger. I can smell it after its on, but practically have to put my nose to my skin. So, even though I am not a huge lover of rose scent, I am a huge fan of all the myriad of benefits that Rose contains. Normally I am unable to use this miraculous floral due to an overwhelming scent, but your product nailed it! Finally a rose product I can use and would purchase. However, if I hadn’t tested the product first and it was label as rose-scented, I probably would not by it.


Yes!! I forgot to mention the label not completely covering the product. That was something I also noticed right away. It annoys me when you have no clue how much is left or if the product came full.


I thought the lotion bottle was really interesting. I love that it’s to protect to product from germs, very unique! I never had anything like that before so I was confused for a second when I first opened the box. I expected it to be the same type of bottle as the body washes. I like this a lot though!
As for the box packaging, I voted for the first one because I had just been so impressed with how cute the packaging was. However, I do really love the little jute bag in this last box and I immediately started thinking about what I could put in it!
I haven’t used 01D yet, but I’m excited! I did give it a good sniff though lol, smells so incredible and just a bit stronger than it was before - so excited about that!


Received my “samples” Friday. I hesitate to call the receipt samples because nothing about it looks like any other samples I’ve ever received, with the exception of course of the previous body wash samples. My initial response was, “Wow.” All I could think was how much care, concern, interest in the consumer, time and resources had to have gone into this presentation.
While the first box containing the body wash samples was more elegant, even feminine, this box represents a unisex customer, and communicates a more definite and varied reuse of the container, ie jute pouch. A man or a woman can find this pouch reusable. I also think the naturalness of jute pouch is an excellent “introduction” and confirmation of the natural products that Community Cosmetics stands for.
I loved the slender, petite size of the body lotion container. It lends itself to the smallest of purses or a man’s dopp kit or even suit pocket. I’ve had men approach me for hand lotion, this is a size they can carry themselves.
The smell of the lotion was faintly reminiscent of Hawaiian Tropics Suntan Lotion, a “coconutty” beach scent. I like it. It goes on easily and absorbs well. It left the back of my hand with a little sheen to it. But it’s not greasy. I was able to use my fingers on my cell phone right after applying it. Usually after putting lotion on my hands I need to use my stylus on my phone because my fingers are greasy.
I could tell immediately upon opening the body wash sample that it was different, better. There were bubbles at the top of the bottle and in the cap. More lather! The intensified scent of orange dreamsicle was perfect for me! I don’t think it’s overpowering at all. I wet my skin and applied a small amount of the body wash and bam! I was immediately covered in this silky, fragrant, white foam! A little goes a long way and my skin felt soft, smooth and hydrated. I didn’t apply lotion afterwards to see just how well it moisturizes my skin, and I don’t feel dry or itchy!
There was a little smudging of the CC logo on my pouch, but that’s an easy fix. I liked the faint natural scent of the pouch. Overall I think everything about the presentation, the formulation of the body lotion and body wash, and the packaging is successful.


Agreed. This was one of those “oh well” moments.


Oh good, that container was fiercely debated on our side, I’m glad you liked it.


Glad you liked it!

K. We’ll get a rating scale in the questionnaire so you can let us know just how much you didn’t care for it. Appreciate you letting us know it wasn’t your favorite.

Yes, that was an exotic japanese paper we ran out of this this shipment, :eye: @Tradowsky.


Thank you for letting us know.



Yes, we’re curious to see what folks think of it.

Yes, yes, & yes, etc. Appreciate you noticing.

I hadn’t thought of it that way, good to know.

The proof is in the pudding.

Great details, don’t hesitate to continue to let us know of the little things like this.

Sweet. Love the product pics BTW!


I remembered another thought I had concerning the reuseability of the jute pouch. Two thoughts: 1) What about sachet scenting the pouches to match the product it contains, at least on some products? 2) If Community Cosmetics ever decides to tailor products towards females and males, scented pouches would work well when offering products sold as a sets. For instance, on Mother’s Day you might sell a set with a Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Body spray in Orange Dreamsicle scent within an orange creamsicle scented jute pouch. For Father’s Day you may offer a set with a Body Wash, Moisture Shave, and Body Lotion in Cedarwood within a cedarwood scented jute pouch. Items like this have the possibility of becoming collectibles.


I love the thought and care you put into the packaging. I think both so far have been perfect. I love the bag, what a great idea. The wash smells so good and lathers up great. I absolutely love the lotion bottle and love how it dispenses. Very creative in everything you put together.