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Wow. I was surprised to see the results, “How would you rate the strength of the scent,” were all over the place. Ditto concerning “How likely are you to replace your current lotion with this product?” With responses like those @John, how do you come to a definitive answer?


Yeah, it’s a lot of fun to review these. We don’t expect unanimity. These shared poll results don’t show the written-in comments here (it’s the software we’re using) so reviewing those is helpful when answers don’t agree. If more than half like a sample, or components of a sample, I think we’re onto something.

But as far as scents go, wow those are tough - so personal and subjective. I would just assume go fragrance-free on everything instead of trying to scent products that people will like; no matter what you’re going to turn someone off. Part of the fun!


:astonished:Nooooo! Not fragrance free on everything! You all churned out some really fragrant scents with the Orange Dreamsicle and Lavender body washes, you can’t just scrap them!


I say nooooo to fragrance free too! Sometimes I buy something just because of the smell! Although I know I can be very picky on scents.

I like being able to see the end report on how others voted. Interesting how it has quite a variety on some questions.


Fragrance is a must!!! I love scented products in general and I love when others can smell it and get intrigued and ask questions!! I am always so excited so share my fave products with as many people as possible!


Cool, we thought some of you would enjoy the transparency. I wish the results would just render in a nice little window so you wouldn’t have to click through to the link, but oh well.


I agree!!! Both of these scents are so fantastic & much better than any other product I’ve used in the past. I’m actually out of all of the samples except for the fragrance-free one… it’s just not as fun to use, so I find myself reaching for a scented body wash instead. But I couldn’t get enough of the scented versions & ran out of them so quickly.


I was real surprised at the scent results. The smell was my favorite thing but I can see where others would find it a bit unnerving. I remembered someone compared it to sunscreen. I feel like you got some really good results that equalled out to the true perception of the product.


I know I was one that had strong (negative) feelings about the smell. I felt like it was too strong for what it was. I don’t mind rose smell, but this was like the whole bouquet. :smile:


While the feedback was very positive, we’d like to make a couple of tweaks to this formula before calling it a winner, probably throwing an unscented one into the mix as well. It seems like we missed the mark on the scent with this one, and would love your thoughts on how the scent could be improved for a scented option. The Rose hydrosol that was selected came through a little strong for some of you, and may not have mixed well with the coconut. Lavender seems to be popular with just about everyone, perhaps we substitute Rose for Lavender? Drop the coconut? What do you think?

Here’s the hydrosol reference:

We will most likely be focusing on just deodorant for this next shipment, so please don’t expect an updated lotion in your next shipment. We’ll collect your feedback and recirculate more body lotion samples to you down the road. Thank you so much for joining us on the lotion module!


I’m totally floored. I keep smelling my Body Lotion 01A sample trying really hard to pick up the over powering rose scent, I can’t. I don’t even smell a rose scent. I smell a very, very faint, delicate coconut scent. Did I get the same sample as others?


I couldn’t detect much of a rose scent either, but I trust those who could.


Hmm I just smelled it again. I do not smell coconut at all. Before I had said overall it smells like sunscreen but that could be the rose and just too strong. I can’t really get flower type smells correct with my allergies. They aren’t always horrible but not usually pleasant. I’m not a fan of lavender either.

I will very rarely like flowery scents but I understand I’m probably in the minority. I usually love fruity scents and they are often what smells good to me. I know some don’t like them as they think they are more for younger people. But the creamy orange body wash won so…

I’d say drop the rose, don’t add lavender and add more coconut? pineapple keeps popping up in my head. Like coconut with a hint of pineapple Nothing too strong. Cucumber melon and vanilla I think are good and usually popular options as well.

I have some cake brand lotion I got from ipsy that smells super good but I dont think Id put that all over my body but it’s good as a hand lotion. I think it also depends if you want just a general all year one or like a holiday/season release too.


How funny, that’s all I smell!


That’s interesting! I even saw @Freedom say the same. We did all get the same samples right? Lol

Although smelling the same hand I put lotion on 15-20 minutes ago I don’t smell the same thing. The rose smell seems to be gone. It’s possible I am smelling coconut now. It’s too faint and after smelling the rose so much my nose needs a break!


Prior to using the Lavender Body Wash sample, I was not a fan of Lavender scented products. But there’s something different about the Lavender scent in the CC Body Wash. I liked the scent coming out of the bottle. But using it took it to another level for me, in a positive way. It blends so well with my body chemistry and smells better and better after drying. Yum! :yum:I So I would totally be on board having a Lavender scented body lotion!


Just to clarify, the scent in Body Wash 01C was geranium. I’d have to double-check but I don’t think we’ve used much if any lavender in our samples to date. Please correct me if i’m mistaken.


Oh! Well that may explain why I liked it so much!:grin: Where did I get Lavender from? Maybe the purple label led me to believe it was Lavender. Well, I would love to have a Geranium scented Body Lotion.