Body Scrubs


What are some of your favorite body scrubs? And what type do you like best (sugar, salt, coffee) and why? I remember readingfew years back that coffee scrubs can be great for cellulite so I had the genius idea of ripping open a Keurig K-cup and just tried using the straight coffee as a scrub. Needless to say it didn’t do anything and it was very messy hahah.


I’ve made sugar scrubs at home. I don’t use them often but they are easy to make.


I like sugar scrubs best.
My experience with coffee scrubs was also terribly messy!


My always in my shower body wash/scrub is Caress Tahitian Renewal.
I also love sugar scrubs and probably my favorite is Josie Maran’s…
Never tried caffeine.


Sugar scrubs, definitely. They’re gentle and easy to use. Coffee scrubs work best in the shower, so I’ve heard. I’d try some coffee ground soap just to smell good and wake me up if I could find some!


I only use a scrub/exfoliant on my face and neck. Since I always bathe with exfoliating gloves I haven’t used a body scrub.


I love to make my own from coffee and coconut oil or sugar and coconut oil. The coffee one smells amazing, but it’s extremely messy! You can also get a peeling and the peeling glove and massage your body with that and make your skin will feel super refreshed and smooth. On top of that, it’s not messy at all and you can choose from number of different scents.


I have never used a body scrub before.
I’ll try this and see if I like it!


I’ll looking into both of those! Thank you!


My favorite body scrub is this from Bath and Body Works with natural essential oils. I love how relaxing the scent of the Eucalyptus and Spearmint are.



Looks like Josie Maran is a good place to start?


Oooh spearmint is a great scent! Thanks for the recommendation!


I’ve only used sugar scrubs. My current favorite one is by
Green Ferns. I used to like a pomegranate one from Bath and Body works but like many of their products, it was discontinued. I got a free sample a month ago and will for sure be buying this once I use the sample up!



There is some research to suggest caffeine can be an effective topical treatment for cellulite when applied daily for 30 days at a given caffeine concentration.
Chances are you won’t be able to achieve this with an in-home preparation, though it does sound like fun!


I use exfoliating body washes almost daily, but not actual scrubs. I find scrubs to be messy --and I’m afraid of them clogging my drains! :frowning:


I make my own scrubs as well and thanks to Pinterest, have found an abundance of different scents and types that I enjoy. My favorite is a vanilla brown sugar scrub. I love the texture of brown sugar, I found that it exfoliates alot better than others and it gives an oil scent an extra boost of great smell.


this is what i use to exfoliate my skin it smells nice and works really good. i haven’t really tried sugar or coffee body scrubs. i can’t really say which is better there, but this is worth trying.



Like many others, I have made my own sugar scrub with brown and white sugar. My old favorite used to be Bath and Body works lavender vanilla scrub. It smelled so ridiculously good that I would just use the oily part on my body without mixing the sugary part with it so I could smell like that all day.

I’ve noticed Olay has a new exfoliating line called Olay Infusions. I don’t know if anyone has used any of these products, but I’ve been curious about them.


I love any time of scrub. I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to skincare and will buy it even if i already have 20 others lol. My favorite though, are sugar scrubs. I love the smell and texture and I have always found them to leave my skin feeling softer afterwards then the other kinds. Bath & body works are my favorite brand. There are some I don’t like, not because they don’t work, but because they leave my skin feeling too oily afterwards.


Do you know what kind of oil they were using in their scrub? Curious why B&BW works for you but these others are not.