Body Wash 01 Discussion


Chat here with your fellow Co-Creators
to discuss your experience with the body wash samples.


Samples are en route, you should see them in a few days…


Thanks for the update. I can’t wait.




Still a little in love with
Nature’s Gate shampoo/conditioner/Body Wash. Saves time while still allowing you to have a few luxurious
It would be great to come up with a product
that buys you time by multitasking, yet is so joyfully enjoyable in the AM.


Looking forward, yay!


Excited to see what these samples are about!


super excited!


I am beyond excited for these samples! Thanks so much for the update!




Amazing!! Can’t wait




What!?!?!! I am so excited! How many are we going to be trying in this batch of samples and also, after we try the product, what is the protocol we then follow?


Awesome! Can’t wait to try it out❤️


Are other members of our household allowed to use them? Or guests? Just want to make sure, bc I’ll happily squrriel them away.


I’m so excited to try them!
Can’t wait until they get here!


I am so excited to try them and answer the questionnaire(s)!


awesome :slight_smile:


Very excited!


Thank you for the update!