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Week 12 Update
Week 12 Update

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I was really surprised there was any negative feedback concerning this body wash.


Interesting results. I’m surprised on the lather a bit. I thought it lathered really good. Although I did use a loofah and I suppose other products could lather less.


Me to it was absolutely amazing to me! I would use this forever and always my legs after using it I can not even begin to express how soft and smooth they are … they even have a subtle sheen and my legs are normally crusty and ashy NOPE not anymore. I might cry when my sample runs out!


Don’t :cry: just buy yourself a bottle with your 50% off discount we’ll be giving you for being a Co-Creator! Stay tuned for when it’s officially released, which is soon!


We objectively test the lathering properties and compare our samples to commercial products. We do this by measuring a small amount of product on a scale, pouring it into a graduated cylinder, and then vigorously shaking for a determined period of time to measure the height of lather produced.


I was someone who gave it either 3 or 4 stars (can’t remember which, but it probably would have been a 3.5ish if that was an option) on the lather, and I use my hands! I’ve said this somewhere before, but my all-time favorite body wash turns from a thin liquid into a thick foam when you lather it, so I was coming from that perspective. So the results probably also have a lot to do with what people are used to using in the past!


Interesting to see how others felt about the consistency. I still would love to see a more creamy body wash because I’m already sold on the scent, lather, and moisturization. I wasn’t surprised at these results, I feel they fell in line to what we all thought of it already. I really want to see this wash make it to shelves because it would be my every summer scent :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply with your perspective. That makes a lot of sense. What is the name of your fave?


It’s from Rituals’ Happy Buddha line: this one ( It comes out as a thin-ish foam/more liquid-y, and then it becomes a super nice, thick foam!

I actually got it for free from a hotel, and now I’m obsessed! I’m not in love with the scent nearly as much as I was with the Community Cosmetics’ samples’ scent, though.

(Funny anecdote! I was looking at their other products online & wondering what the other scents were like, but I figured I’d never be able to smell them, because I got my shower gel at a hotel in Europe. I was walking around in NYC looking for a birthday present for my mom, and I turned a corner & came across a Rituals store! I ended up getting my mom a scrub! Such a strange coincidence.)


I liked this body wash compared to the other samples we tried, but I wouldn’t use it as my regular body wash because I don’t really want to smell like creamsicle. :slight_smile: I think this would be great for a kid or a teenage girl maybe, but not my preferred scent for a daily body wash. I did like the lather (I used a washcloth) better than the other samples and it did smell better to me than the other samples. I normally use Dove body wash (a few different scents, warm vanilla usually). I know it is not natural, but it does lather well, moisturizes my skin, and I don’t have any rashes or negative reactions to it. I get a pretty big bottle for like 5 bucks at Walmart and I like the scent.


Ohhhh I will for sure! I can not wait!