I came across coffee butter recently and I have been using a shea butter product for a few months with great results. Does anyone use butters and what results have you had with them?


I am a huge fan of the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Body Butter, it is the best I have ever tried.
I can apply it in the morning and in the evening I can still feel that my skin is hydrated.


I haven’t used any kinds of butters yet i will need to try one.


I dabbled with them a bit when I was in highschool but I never was too much of a fan. The ones I used smelled amazing which is obviously a plus but I feel like it’s very pastey therefore takes a bit to soak in.


After expirmenting with butters as ingredients in my homemade body products, I have found mango butter to be my favorite!


I eat cocoa butter as a high-fat snack to curb hunger.


I’ll never feel guilty about the walnuts and bacon again!


I strayed away from butters for a long time because I had just assumed they would be too heavy for my skin. My skin also used to be a LOT more sensitive, but has really changed over the years. I’ve used cocoa butter, but not enough to give a thorough opinion on it other than it smelled amazing and moisturized well. I’m 99% sure this is the one I tried!



I’m in the same boat. I’ve tried a little bit of L’occitane’s shea butter but it was too much for me to handle. If I bought it I would need to mix it with something.



I love lotions and hair products with shea and mango butters in them. I really don’t like the smell of cocoa butter products usually. Real cocoa butter smells mild and I like that, but a lot of products that claim to be “cocoa butter” have tons of fragrance added and barely any actual cocoa butter. I don’t like that fake chocolatey, sugary smell. I love baked goods, but I don’t want to smell like them.


I leave the butter on overnight every other night and it has changed my dry areas immensely, I guess it’s in the way you use it?


I personally love using hemp body butter (by The Body Shop). I’ve found that hemp does a fantastic job of permeating the outer skin layer and providing moisture throughout the day. Here is an article on how hemp lotion can help skin (I have dry skin, and this works amazingly during the winter months):


I’ve used Shea Butter in the colder months to keep my skin hydrated, in the summer I use a regular body lotion or cream.


I use Shea or Cocoa Butter before bed on my lips, face, legs, etc. They’re too greasy for daytime use.


I’m the same way, I find body butters are a little to heavy for me in the summer. I do enjoy them in the winter when my skin is much more dry. Has anyone tried the Sol De Janiero bum bum cream? I got a sample from my last Sephora order and it smells so good.



i have been using this one and the pear one, they both leave my skin feeling hydrated, and really soft and smooth, without feeling greasy or filmy on your skin. i love these two body butters and the scrubs. i hope this helped, plus it doesn’t cost to much.