Can a Body Wash be Too Moisturizing?


On a scale of 1-10, how do you want your skin to feel after you rinse your body wash?1. Squeaky creeky clean, like a good strong soap has removed all the dirt and oils. I’ll worry about moisturizing later.3. I like a my body wash to rinse clean and clear away all the oils, but not “overly” clean like an old school bar soap might.
5. Neutral - I want my skin to feel like it did just before washing, only cleaner and smelling great.7. I like my skin to feel noticeably moisturized and softer after a body wash. I don’t prefer a squeaky post washing feel.10. I want to feel like a layer of cream has coated my skin, leaving me protected and completely moisturized.


This is a tough one!
Maybe around a 6-8 for me.


I would think 6-8. I tend to have dry skin so if the product is a 1 my skin will feel like sandpaper.


5! If
it’s too moisturizing I don’t
feel clean, but if it’s not moisturizing
enough I’m itchy.


I am at a scale of 5 as well. The skin on my body is just right, never oily, never dry. Bar soaps tend to be overly drying, while a chemical-free gel cleanser seems just right. I don’t use moisturizer on my body as most leave an oily/sticky feel (my face a much different story).


I hate it when you buy a new one hoping it going to work use it and end up with itchy skin because it just didn’t get moisturized from it


I feel like 6 or 7. I don’t like to feel a film necessarily, but I want to feel smooth. I need all the moisture I can get because my skin dries out quickly. usually use a layer of oil while my skin is still wet after showering to lock in some of the moisture. I wish there was a way to be squeaky clean and moisturizing at the same time. :blush:


I think we’re looking at a 7-8. I wan to feel moisturized, but I don’t want to be conscious of a coating. It’s good to feel things have sunk in just enough to get moisture levels up to “sleek normal”.


I think body washes can absolutely be too moisturizing. I’ve tried some that just leave a very heavy feeling on my skin afterwards, almost more like I washed with lotion. Not a great feeling haha. I’d say I like between 5-7/8 depending on the formula, because I think an 8 could either be great or too heavy. It would just depend!


4 or 5!
I want to feel clean…but I want to also feel a bit of moisturization/hydration as well.
I can always add more moisturizer if needed.


I would say 5… since I have eczema, I don’t want to have all the oils removed, but I want to feel clean / smelling good.


I would choose a 3! I worry that body washes that are too moisturising will be heavy on my skin and cause my skin to breakout. I use a light moisturizer afterwards.


I would definitely take a 10 body wash after a long day in the sun, but right before bed. Let my body soak up all that moisture. On an everyday, fresh out the shower, heading to work, kinda moisture, prob a 7-8 body wash. You want a good hydration, a good clean, long-lasting feeling, not too over-the-top.


I’m going to say an 8 because I do love the feeling of soft hydrated skin.Since I am older and have gone through menopause my skin tends to be more of the drier side so I reach for an oil after I turn off my water and before I grab my towel to get soft hydrated skin.


I would have to say a 5, but not aligned with the description for 5. I like to use a castile soap with lavender and scrub it on my skin with a set of exfoliating bath gloves to remove dirt and oils. Then I use an in-shower moisturizer (Hempz) to give me the smooth feeling and protection my skin needs to stay hydrated.


I like a my body wash to rinse clean and clear away all the oils, but not “overly” clean like an old school bar soap might. i have to choose this one i do not like feeling oily i do like to have soft smooth skin, but i like to feel clean


Body wash should leave you clean and refreshed, without a sticky residue feeling. I would go with a rating of 7-8. clean and moisturized.


I would say an 8. I like to feel clean but moisture is more important. If my skin gets too dry I tend to pick at it. Plus I have keratosis pilaris which is a skin type that causes me dry-bumpy skin.


I’ve got to go with a 5-6 Neutral.

I like to feel clean and smell fresh but not overly moisturized.


I love the feeling of clean, hydrated skin.
I have dry skin. I love my moisture. I say, “Bring it on!”.