🗞 Cannabis-based beauty products: where are we at?



If we are truly interested in not only natural products but in products with sustainable ingredients, cannabis grows like, well, like a weed. Kudzu is one of the few plants that seems to be more dedicated to lush growth. I don’t know if anyone’s found anything great to do with kudzu, but if cannabis has a makeup that is good for skin care and general health, we’d be really foolish to ignore it. There may be be legal knots to untangle as it is not yet legal everywhere and that could affect selling over a wide area, but we’re not talking about cannabis the drug, but cannabis the plant that grows like crazy and which we have barely begun to study. Maybe we owe it to the planet?


Interesting. My concern would be, if I used a product containing cannabis, could it enter my bloodstream? I wouldn’t want that.


Was talking with my elderly neighbors and interestingly, if you have Tricare, they run blood tests and will drop you if they find any marijuana in your blood. Apparently, they can’t use any products that are cannabis based but I am not too sure how it all works in the body.


I think it depends on the concentration of active ingredients. Hemp is not psychoactive, which is why they use it for rope, clothing, etc. CBD oils are going mainstream due to their effectiveness with pain relief - without psychoactive side effects. THC is the psychoactive ingredient that “gets you high”.

So really, it depends on how they want to manufacture it. There’s definitely a way to get the benefits of hemp w/out CBD or THC. There may also be benefits of CBD & THC depending on the application.


I’ve seen more an more posts about these products lately. i would just wonder what the quality control is. Also how much of it is really cannabis compared to whatever they use to dilute the product.


I live in Washington state so these types of products are legal. I have a vanilla lip balm that has 5mg THC. I also have used a solid lotion that was THC infused and it worked really well for sore muscles and achy knees. I can’t say I noticed psychoactive effects from the small amounts in the topical products, but they do work really well as far as being moisturizing and for pain relief where they are applied. I have also heard about a brand called Milk makeup that uses hemp and cbd in their products.


So this company claims to use a special Pearl strain that falls under the 3% federal level in your blood. Their brochure has more info but I misplaced it right now.


im curious but not sure I see the actual skincare benefits to using skincare with cannabis in them, I get for medical reasons it helps with treatment and pain etc