"Can't-Live-Without" Products


What’s one product you feel like you “can’t live without” in your routine? Mine is the Dr. Lipp Miracle balm. It’s SO moisturizing for dry lips and heals them quickly!


I don’t really have a can’t live without product brand.
But I do adore a good Mico dermabrasion/ micro scrubber cleanser.
Makes my face feel so smooth new and fresh!


I’m a religious flosser, every night without fail, I floss.
There’s this cinnamon-mint woven dental floss from Listerine that I can’t live without, and buy in mad bulk from Amazon.



Have you tried stimudent sticks???
These are amazing on the go if you are an avid oral health nut!


In agreement with John, I must have dental flossers! I also must always have an excellent probiotic. A healthy gut is paramount for overall health. My current one is Healthy Origins 30 Billion available on Vitacost.com.


I can’t pick up a tooth-picking habit, but thank you for the suggestion!
I do keep floss in my car and backpack if I have an unexpected encounter with ribs or corn on the cob :slight_smile:


I am a multi step regimen fanatic so that is a tough question. I love my cleansers, toners, serums, masks and creams.
I guess my most used product is burts bees acai berry lip balm!


I can’t live without a Vitamin C serum. I use it on my face every single day.


I have to have some sort of lip balm.
I tend to have dry lips so it helps


I absolutely can’t live without deoderant spray. That’s the one thing I could never give up. I spray it religiously


I’m addicted to just regular old ChapStick. I always have one on me.


Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste whether it’s Sensodyne or Colgate doesn’t matter…but if I go 2 days with something else…no good!


Just like John, I use dental floss all the time!
Its in my purse, car, different drawers throughout the house.
And the Listerine Reach brand
(I like the mint flavor) is
kind of like flossing witih a rubberband!
I love it!


Lip balm! In my purse, in my car, by my bedside…lip balm everywhere!


Organic moroccan argan oil, coconut oil or rosehip oil and lipbalm


That’s a tough one… I love so many of my beauty products. I guess if I had to pick my number one, it would be my It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi hydrating lip treatment in rose. This stuff is like a really good lip balm with a touch of color. It makes my lips feel so smooth and hydrated, plus it gives them a pretty, natural looking rosey color. I absolutely love this stuff, and I find myself reapplying it all throughout the day. I just ordered another one because I was getting low. I keep one in my purse, one on my nightstand, and one on my makeup vanity. It’s my all-time favorite lip product.


My leave in conditioner hair milk! Helps keep my hair and curls moist and easy to manage


Curl reviving serum from John Freida and body lotion from Crabtree &amp: Evelyn.


Burts Bees original
peppermint lip balm is one I always go back to.


This is NOT tooth picking…they are for pressing on the gums to stimulate blood flow to the gums.
Wonderful to prevent and even help reverse peridontal (gum) disease.