"Can't-Live-Without" Products


I can’t live without my electric Oral-B toothbrush and Colgate total toothpaste. I also enjoy a good chap stick like Carmex.


I NEED my Kiehls creamy avocado undereye cream. I haven’t found anything better to keep my undereyes moisturized and plump.


I used an Oral-B electric for years, then switched to a Sonicare… took me a week to get accustomed to it, and haven’t looked back - love it.
I prefer Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpaste (I do believe in Flouride), because baking soda has this unique ability to let you know if your mouth is fresh or not.Haven’t used Carmex in 20 years… after continued use it would dry out my lips, make them crack around the edges, and found I had to apply almost constantly for relief.
I’m currently using Aquaphor (petroleum jelly), it works better than anything else I’ve tried, which inspires me to lobby for creating a plant-based alternative that rivals its performance.


Just got an Aquafor sample. It’s a spray, haven’t tried it yet, seems to be for general skin care. I take it it’s good? I’m going to need a magnifying glass or a review to see what’s actually in it.


I looooove my Laneige lip sleeping mask, I’m so mad they only do it in berry flavor in the US.
I wear it almost everyday.


Interesting, haven’t seen it in a spray.


I have a few, but if i had to pick one it would be YOURGOODSKIN Balancing Skin Concentrate, It has made such a huge difference in my skin.
Since i started using it my skin has looked and felt amazing.


Some of these things sound so good! I need to try a lot of them :slight_smile:


The conditioner hair milk sounds amazing! I’ll have to try it out!


My RetinA is my won’t be without.


Thought of something else!
My water flosser…it’s not a waterpik brand, but it’s just as effective and oh how much I love it!


I’m a self described skincare junkie and can’t live without all my skincare goodies.
Cleansers, toners, serums, masks and moisturizers are am everyday beauty must.


I need deep conditioners for my hair, heat protectors, and chap stick. I rotate my brands.


My RetinA is my workhorse…


I got the spray sample too.
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I found it from that newsletter.
(***Btw***The yofreesamples newsletter is also where I found the application for this Co-Creator program!)


I really like “yofreesamples” too. Lots of good info.


i can not live without conditioner


well i can’t live without conditioner or body lotion i have to have both.


Always wondered if I should try one of these… each time I’m tempted at Bed Bath & Beyond, but them am like… do I really need another gadget?


Interesting, thank you for sharing that with me!