"Can't-Live-Without" Products


Do you have a favorite?


I can’t live without Vaseline lip balm. I carry it everywhere i go.


Same but with Chapstick. I can’t go anywhere without it.


I can’t be without my skincare exfoliator. My hair conditioner, currently Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Mask. Without it my hair is frizzy and tangled. Also my makeup brushes, MAC and Tarte, makeup simply isn’t the same without these essential tools.


I’ve used several, which kind are you referring to?


For mechanical exfoliation I use Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Step 1, mixed with cleanser with my Clarisonic. I use this daily. Then 2x a week I use chemical exfoliation. I alternate between Peter Thomas Roth enzyme pumpkin mask and Dermalogical Multivitamin Peel.


It’s labeled as “new”, don’t know when it came out.
I wasn’t expecting this sample, so decided to do a little experiment. I figured the roughest place was my feet, so they
earned guinea pig status. For 4 days, I’ve sprayed my left heel and the area around it with Aquaphor Spray. The skin was not red, sore or itchy, just beaten up a little because I’m barefoot or wearing sandals most of the time, most of the year.
The right foot got no spray. No other special material, including pumice, was used on either foot. After 4 days, the left foot seemed slightly softer, more even but not a lot. Then I checked it against the right. Reasonable to big difference! The spray does seem to come on a little oilier than I’d figured it would, but I may have a heavy hand.
It dries quickly.
My feet weren’t cracked, so the Aquaphor wasn’t asked to anything too heavy duty, but even in this minimal test it made a difference. The right hand reaped a side benefit since I used it to work in the oil a little. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but just the sloppy exposure helped there, too. I don’t remember ordering it, so I must have made it onto a list. My guess is if you email them, especially as a regular user of their product, they’ll send you one. It’s a decent sized sample. Enjoy!


The petrolatum and mineral oil will definitely make it feel greasy compared to other emollients.
Informative post!


Mountain Ocean’s Skin Trip, it makes me smell like I swam in a coconut and my skin feels so soft


Im pretty new to skin care so wont comment on specific products for that. But I definitely love hair conditioners. I am not one to always buying the same product over and over. I tend to buy a different one each time even if the last worked well, lol. I have pretty thick hair although as I age it is thinning out a bit. Without conditioner I have a hard time brushing through it after showering. I have also recently looked into the no poo options too but not sure I’m quite ready to go that route. I did learn about apple cider vinegar though and gave that a try. 1-2 teaspoons mixed in with a glass of water and let it sit in my hair for a few minutes does miracles! Makes my hair so soft.


I absolutely cannot live without my in-shower brush from The Body Shop (it’s made out of bamboo). I have wild and curly hair, and when I forget it at home when traveling, I end up with a bird’s nest. If I use a brush out of the shower, then I get a nice frizzy triangle where the curls at the bottom branch out and the abundant static electricity makes it stuck to everything! If you have frizzy and or curly hair, I would definitely recommend trying to brush it in the shower and let it air dry–I convinced my mom to try it and her hair now looks so much healthier.


Organic unrefined coconut oil is something I can’t live without. I use it from head to toe literally. Moisturizes my skin and hair, even aids in hair growth and is supposed to prevent wrinkles.


Buxom lip gloss and Burt’s Bees lip shimmers (fig is my favourite colour) . I love that tingly menthol/mint sensation!


Neutrogena moisturizing lip balm does wonders too it’s a little expensive but lasts a long time and you only need a little bit!