Do you find the charcoal better than the regular Biore strips?


I’ve tried both and I do prefer the charcoal ones to the regular ones. For me, I feel like the charcoal strips get a lot more out of my pores and it seems a little bit gentler on my skin. The regular ones would sometimes irritate my skin and make me all red. Plus, I do enjoy being able to see more of that yucky stuff from my pores against the black strips.


I’ve tried charcoal toothpaste. It doesn’t taste that great and it might whiten a little. Personally, I have naturally pretty white teeth but I use whatever free samples I have at the moment.


I just used a charcoal mask the other day and LOVED it! It was a detoxifying charcoal paper mask with 96% natural ingredients. I could tell a major difference in my skin after using it…My face was brighter, my pores were smaller. All around it was around great mask. Here’s the link if anyone is interested.


The link is for Amazon. But, I actually found mine at the Dollar General for 1$. :heart: It was a single pack but for a 1$ I had to try it. :wink:


I have quite a few charcoal products. I did the black face peel mask a couple times but the I heard in a beauty group that any peel off masks really aren’t that good. You don’t want to be pulling everything off your face as it will dry it out and pull up the natural oils. And then your face over produces more oil and you get an oily face in the end.

And for the scrubs on the face I read that they can make tiny tears that really aren’t seen but over time aren’t good especially as you age. I never really looked into it further. I have a charcoal body scrub that I continue to use every now and then though.

And I have a charcoal shampoo and conditioner I use like once every couple weeks. My hair feels pretty soft afterwards. I have some body wash too but haven’t gotten around to use it since I have a couple others open right now. I do have toothpaste and powder teeth stuff. I’ve heard mixed reviews on them though so don’t really use them much. I suppose each specific product is different to depending on other ingredients included.


It’s amazing what our skin manages to collect each day, some of which is not beneficial to your health. Dust particles, dead skin, fumes from cars and buses and sweat all have the potential to build up in large quantities on the surface of the skin. If left untreated, these toxins may begin to affect your health.

Activated charcoal can be found as both a facemask and a general body washing solution. The large surface area of activated charcoal molecules is used to remove these toxins from the surface of the skin, opening up pores to allow for effective and efficient perspiration. The pores that are activated into the charcoal molecules also add a coarse texture to the mineral, which many use alongside thorough exfoliation to help clean skin.
I of course wanted to try latest craze to see if it was as good as the claims. I actually love using it, and happy with the results. I also am a fan of the charcoal deodarant. I was impressed with how effective and gentle it was. The natural deodorant does it all, powerfully protecting against odor while nourishing even the most sensitive skin. It goes on clear and doesn’t stain my clothes. 10 benefits of Activated Charcoal


How is the peeling mask different from one you’d wash off? For masks which clarify and remove oils, and could be drying, I replenish with moisturizer or an ultra hydrating overnight product.

Interesting, I haven’t heard that, though I’ve read some dermatologists prefer chemical exfoliators because other methods can be too abrasive.

I posted on this earlier in this thread, most dentists don’t recommend charcoal powders.


i tried the toothpaste and it was different.


I just read this somewhere too, but I can’t recall where… I thought it was on another topic here, but I can’t find it. Might have been a different website, but it was a long discussion about how peel-off masks are extremely damaging to your skin! I’d love to read some more sources about that, because my knowledge is pretty limited there. I’m going to search around & see what I can find.


Do you have a recipe for this?? Sounds amazing!! :slight_smile:


turns my white skin black lol


Some of the pull off masks are like tar and smell awful. I’ve tried a few that smell like old glue. I think it also depends on their country of origin as well.


@John I’ve tried some of the peel off blackhead masks that feel like your pulling your skin off with it during removal. Some have smelled like alcohol or old glue as well. I threw them away after I was done testing them. I’ve also given my self an impromptu eyebrow waxing as well.


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I haven’t used it on my skin but i have taken the capsules for flatulence.