Chronic Chapped Lips


I have chapped lips constantly, and specifically have the problem of my skin on my lips easily peeling off–flakiness. I use chapstick religiously, and have tried exfoliating, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any lip care products that keep moisture in all day?



vasoline works really good


I used to have the same issue.
Well, I still do at times, but we realized it was due to be using more drying products and being in the sun a lot (and of course I live in the desert) so it was recommended to use a higher quality chapstick with an SPF of 15 or more in it.
I use the Burts Bees line and love it.
But I also love Carmex too.
Vasoline works well for me at night before bed because then I don’t wake up with super flaky lips.


The past few months, my lips have been like this too. I have no clue what changed because I never had chapped lips too bad unless it was very cold and dry out. My absolute favorite product for it is the Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm. That particular product is only available from Birchbox (at least that’s the only place I can find it) but the company claims their nipple balm is the exact same product. It’s pretty thick, which I personally don’t mind, I think it feels nice lol. But it’s very moisturizing and healing. Birchbox link - Lipp - also just starting using this Hanalei Lip Treatment and honestly I think it’s practically the same as petroleum jelly/Vaseline, but it does have some additional oils and shea butter in it. I like it so far, but the Dr. Lipp one still comes in first for me!



This might sound a little weird but lanolin works wonders. I had some left over from when I nursed my daughter(organic even!) and someone suggested I use it for my chapped lips. I like to put it on right before bed and in the morning there is a big difference.


When I lived in Wyoming I had the same problem.


I found Burt’s bees lip balm helped me. I found chapstick to be too drying. I’ve also heard some people have good results with coconut oil.


I use pure Shea Butter on my lips daily.


Poor things, I’ve been neglecting them, just don’t like anything too thick .


I used to live by Carmex but when I started to get some sores on my lips I switched to Blistex. It cleared my lips up and when they get dry from mid-west weather this stuff protects them and it lasts longer than other brands. I only need to put it on once or twice a day instead of practically every hour.



I’ve heard a lot of good about Laneige lip mask. I just got one and used it 3-4 nights in the last week and I’m not too impressed.
Although 99% of people who have tried it seem to absolutely love it.
I like raw shea butter and think it does work well. The smell isn’t the best.


To date, Aquaphor is the best performance application I’ve found (which contains petrolatum).
We could have a healthy debate on whether or not it’s natural, but petrolatum occurs naturally in the earth (dinosaurs) and is refined to remove impurities.
It’s incredible as an occlusive, and inexpensive too, but greasy and not very luxurious.
The bad press on that ingredient is bogus in terms of health, the better debate would be on environmental impact, as it’s a non-renewable resource.Products with high concentrations of Shea butter are excellent in my experience, and you pay for them - if it’s cheap I question how much Shea is in the product.


My favorite is the Sara Happ Lip Slip and the Laneige.
Both are fabulous and stay on your lips for hours and hours.


I’ve had really really chapped lips basically disappear with a few applications of Aquaphor. It’s a little pricier than your average lip balm, but it works really well. I put it on at night before I go to bed and my lips are still soft in the AM when I wake up. I use the regular one, but there is one with SPF. I like to take a wet washcloth and gently scrub my lips when I notice them peeling or if they just don’t feel smooth. Then I put some kind of lip balm on them.



My lips usually aren’t extremely dry or peeling, but they do occasionally feel a little dry and chapped.
I find that drinking lots of water really helps me. I exfoliate my lips a couple times a week and always follow up with something really moisturizing. I also love using the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask every night because I never wake up with dry lips when I use it.
I do slather on quite a bit every night though.



I also use Dr Lipp Miracle Balm and keep several tubes because I use it for multiple things. It really coats well and keeps the skin on the lips hydrated.


I agree with the lanolin!! It was perfect for the cracking! Totally helps!


I love using Hanalei’s Lip Treatment Balm. Just a little goes a long way. It’s great not only on the lips, but I also put a small dab on my cheeks when I need a fresh pick-me-up. I also apply this to the tops of my hands &amp: to my cuticles. Great multi-use product!


I didn’t know fish oil would help but I like to take some supplements occasionally because it’s good for your heart health.


The Chapstick brand designed their products to actually make your lips chapped so you’d keep buying their products. I don’t like Burt’s Bees lip balm because they use soybean and canola oil which are gross oils in skincare. In 2007, Clorox bought out and took over Burt’s Bees which is pretty scary. It’s cheaper and healthier to make your own, although Aquaphor really works wonders in healing lips. Hydration is key. When brushing your teeth, you can exfoliate your lips by gently brushing them with your toothbrush.