đź—ž Clear the Dec and Save the Neck (With Poll)


Not much meat on this article, but a great reminder to take care of this sensitive area!

Do you regularly use moisturizer and sunscreen on your neck and décolleté?

  • Yes, I include my neck and dĂ©colletĂ© in my skincare routine
  • No, I haven’t given it much thought

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I remember a guy telling me that he always looks at a woman’s neck and her hands for proof of her age and to make sure she’s really a woman.:thinking:


I have always paid attention to my neck and the girl at Philosophy told me to make sure my hands are taken care of too because they really can show your age. Since then I have paid attention to my hands with manicures, making sure I keep the hydrated, and I rub my wrinkle cream on the tops of my hands too.


I do it now…I wish I would have started sooner.


YESSSSS I USE DAILY. I been applying serums and wrinkle creams and other products for years on my neck. I seen so many women with theur faces looking so nice but the neck looking old. I sure don’t want that. That part of our body is as important as our face oh and hands.


I tried it for a while but i kept forgetting it.