Clothing conscious


Healthy clothing options are not as widely available as they should be. Everything is one form of plastic! Polyester, spandex, rayon (wood pulp based), acrylic, you name it and it’s probably in your closet. While this problem is not my own, it is something that really concerns me. A woman I know has been wearing a plethora of sports bras for over 2 years now (she doesn’t like the health effects of underwire) and has a moderate amount of brown spots on her back where the band usually lies. They look like a combination of age spots and freckles. It isn’t skin cancer but it itches her terribly. The spots only appeared after the prolonged use of the sports bras. While researching for a healthier bra for her (and myself) I have found 1 company that uses 100% organic hemp to make custom bras. The companies that advertise organic cotton bras usually mix it with spandex or something similar. I looked at several clothing lines because I would love to get rid of the unhealthy materials I wear and was very disappointed at the options available. The best thing would be to find 100% organic material to make my own clothes. Does this concern you, as well? Have you ever considered your skin (and health, in general) problems could be from your clothes? An interesting fact, GMO cotton sprayed with pesticides is used in clothing, shoes, diapers, adult underwear, feminine care, bedding, towels, curtains, furniture, and much more. Residual pesticides can wind up all over you, not just your food. What covers the skin should be considered skin care, in my book


Here comes summer and my favorite fabric for summer is gauze. It’s lightweight, it drapes and you don’t have to iron it. (Just make sure you’re not really buying rayon).Unfortunately, it make take some digging around to find out if it’s made of non-GMO cotton. Fortunately, maybe that’s a question that should be asked more often of manufacturers. After all, if they don’t know there’s a market for something, they won’t go to the effort of producing it. If enough people ask, it just could happen more often. Just today, I did my grocery shopping for the week and we couldn’t help but notice the number of cleaning products now marked “scent free”, including versions by very mainstream companies. People are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of some chemicals and that those dangers are real.


I like cotton but it seems harder and harder to find these days. Everything is a poly blend but that’s too hot for the summer time.


I love anything that is soft on my skin and I really don’t wear clothing that is to tight or form fitting.


My son reacts to new clothes that aren’t washed so I be sure to wash ti all first. And my daughter has a latex allergy we found out last year. I joined some latex groups and everyone there is complaining about clothes. I guess if they use less than 2% latex or whatever they don’t have to disclose it. I’ve even tried emailing popular brands for socks/underwear and one refused to answer me. They wanted me to give them a specific product and size that I was interested in. I was like I am not picky I just need to know what is latex free. They just refused to help. She doesn’t react to any clothing right now but latex allergy just gets worse over time so i try buying stuff that is latex free whenever I can for clothes but it doesn’t help if the labels aren’t very accurate. So then you have to email companies and explain and ask. One suggested I just buy it and if she reacts they’ll let me return it. But if it’s a high latex amount she could react very badly and make her way
more sensitive after.


I like fabric made with bamboo!


i like cotton, but it usually shrinks after washed.


I am more fussy about the feel rather than the fabric.
I like clothing that feels soft to the touch and without itchy seams.


I really like this post.
You took something which didn’t appear to be related to skin and made it so.
You also told us what you have tried, why you are concerned, and we understand your ask.Now then, I’m no expert in the bra department, but how effective would a hemp bra be without materials with elastic properties or an underwire?Has your friend been to a dermatologist for a diagnosis?Why are you concerned about pesticides used for textiles being transmitted through your skin?I believe some advantages of GMO (genetically modified) crops is their pest resistance, making in some cases possible to use little to no pesticides.


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