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:mega: Becoming a member of this forum is the first step in becoming a Co-Creator, though not all forum members will be selected to test products. The primary way Co-Creators are selected from this forum is based on their level and quality of participation in our forums, although we also hold contests from time to time to award new Co-Creator positions.

I joined the forum, when will I get products to test?
See above, joining the forum does not make you a Co-Creator, it makes you a forum member, which is the first step towards earning a spot to help develop requirements and test products. All Co-Creators as of 7/2018 start out as forum members and some of them will earn opportunities to test products. Not to be harsh, but if you’re just here to get free products, this isn’t the place for you. Our program is different from the typical fill out a form and get free products to post on instagram program. We’re genuinely interested in finding, researching, and developing the best personal care products for community members, and to develop relationships with them. Our Co-Creator program requires a lot of commitment from our Co-Creators to help develop requirements, fill out our polls, take our questionnaires, and provide feedback about our products. If you are here just for free products neither one of us will be happy.

What do Co-Creators do and why do I want to become one?
They help develop product requirements and provide feedback on pre-release products. Co-Creators mingle with community members by posting and participating in forum topics, taking polls, answering questionnaires, engaging in contests, receiving free samples, entering contests, and getting discounts on future products. It’s an amazing opportunity to be a part of the creative process, learn about skin care, and have a lot of fun.

Are there age requirements?
Yes, you must be over the age of 18 to receive free samples.

Are you accepting applicants from all over the world?
While anyone may join our open forums, due to the nature of our feedback loop and rapid development schedule, right now were are only shipping free samples to Co-Creators in the lower 48 states of the US - sorry Puerto Rico & Alaska.

Why aren’t there any/many products for sale on the website?
We’ve been keeping a low profile, and just launched our Co-Creator program in early May 2018. Because we will be releasing many of our products through our Co-Creator process, new products will become for sale once they have been vetted by our community. Over time our store will grow, Co-Creators will have been a part of it!

How often do Co-Creators receive products to test?
Our goal is to develop at least one new product each month, though the development cycle may vary depending on the product we’re developing. Because Co-Creators are selected based on their participation in the community, you may be selected for one product to create, or possibly many.

How do I become a Co-Creator?
All Co-Creators must first join our community and become active, valued participants in our community.

Joining our forum does not instantly grant you access to test our products, and not everyone who joins will test products.

All Co-Creators are hand-picked by our staff to participate in the development of products as a result of first being an outstanding member of our online Community, so the first step is to become a community member and participate in our discussions. Outstanding Community members are active contributors who provide value to the community by creating high quality topics for discussion, engaging with other Community members, and offering well-researched content which provide value to the community as a whole. In short, they are leaders and stewards of the Community who are inherently passionate about skin care and personal products, not just because they are interested in getting free stuff.

What is your Co-Creator selection criteria and how do I increase my chances of become a Co-Creator to help develop and test products?
We keep our exact Co-Creator selection criteria a secret, much the way Google keeps their algorithm to get to the first page of search a secret - if it’s out, it gets gamed, which results in a low quality experience for everyone. That said, here’s what we can tell you. Step one is become a forum member and participate. We’re looking for people who are passionate about skin care and personal products… this comes through in the quality of your posts. Again, if you’re just looking for free products, you won’t get selected, and if you did, you wouldn’t enjoy yourself. This is an active program which requires work on your part. You participate in the forums because you are first and foremost passionate about personal care; getting chosen to be a Co-Creator is like the icing on the cake.

When will I be notified if accepted?
We will send you an invitation to join a product development cycle. If you are interested in participating, we’ll send you our standard legal waiver to accept.

How do I keep receiving new products?
Co-Creators are selected to participate in a development cycle, so provided you offered thoughtful requirements and feedback as a Co-Creator and your feedback was valuable, you may be asked to participate in future development cycles.

How will I provide feedback about products I’m testing?
Though our online Community.

When is my feedback due?
Approximately 14 days from when you receive your package of samples. We provide deadlines in the Community to keep you on track.

What happens if I don’t provide my feedback on time?
Due to our rapid protoyping process and popularity of the program, we need our Co-Creators to provide feedback on a timely basis or we will no longer be able to send you free products, and we will replace your Co-Creator slot with someone else. You are of course welcome to remain a member of the community in our general forums.

Can I get kicked out of the program?
Yes. The primary reasons for having your participation revoked include: Unsportsmanlike behavior towards other members of the Co-Creator community, or a lack of detailed and insightful product feedback delivered in a timely manner.

What if I don’t like your products or the program?
We’re looking to build a community of personal care enthusiasts who are genuinely passionate about our products, and want to be part of the creative process to help make them amazing. We also don’t expect everyone who participates in the program to love our products or our unique approach. If it looks like we’re not a fit for one another, we’ll be adults about it and part ways as friends, no hard feelings.

What if I need to quit?
Just send us a message at

Can I blog/vlog about the products as part of this program, before they’re released?
Yes. We just ask that you use common sense and remain professional.

Will I be able to communicate with other Co-Creators?
Absolutely, this is our intention, which is why all Co-Creators are first Community members before being invited to participate. Co-Creators also have a private forum area only visible to other Co-Creators where they offer thoughts on requirements and give feedback about products.

How long will the Co-Creator program last?
For the foreseeable future.

I haven’t been picked yet, when will I become a Co-Creator?
Becoming a Co-Creator is not based on tenure… it’s not a right, it’s a privilege. Co-Creators are coveted opportunities and we only select community members who provide exceptional value to the community, as we’ve found these people help us create higher quality products than members who are not as engaged.

Do I get paid or receive any compensation for my feedback?
No, in exchange for your feedback you receive products from us for free, special discounts on products, and the opportunity to participate in something very unique. As we grow and our program matures, passionate members may be invited to help moderate the community or even be extended job opportunities.

Will you sell my information?
No, selling your information is not our business model. Building trust through collaboration with our Co-Creators and members to build our Community and develop new products is our business model.

Have a question not addressed here? Email us at

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:wave: Welcome to Community Cosmetics (Read Me!) Please Introduce Yourself Here :)
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:wave: Welcome to Community Cosmetics (Read Me!) Please Introduce Yourself Here :)
:wave: Welcome to Community Cosmetics (Read Me!) Please Introduce Yourself Here :)
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Face-Off: Application & FAQ



Thanks John for the email invitation, I would love to try new skin care product but i’m not sure where to apply on this website.


Getting Closer to Face-Off!

Awesome! Thank you so much! I would love to be picked to sample products and blog about them on my website.


I would love to join


I can’t wait to get started with this! I love trying new products and giving feedback. Thank you for all the information.


Hi John. Thanks for this exciting opportunity. I love forward to sharing my ideas and testing your innovative products.


Just recieved the email! Would love to be part of this opportunity! Very excited!


@Sonika_Raj @TiffanyLove @Carmen_Rudnick @Hallie @Neicey @Stephanie_Smith Great, we’re so glad you are excited!:tada: We’ve changed the process by which we select new Co-Creators. This FAQ hopefully answers those questions, but in a nutshell, our new Co-Creators will be selected by our staff from this community to participate in a product module when we are ready to create a new product. We believe this will be the best way to reward active community members, which we think will provide excellent feedback to us about our products.

To more bluntly answer your question though, there is no official application process. We want people to contribute to our community because they are passionate about evidence-based skin care, not just to get free products, which is why we changed the process to begin with :wink: So the best way to get picked to test a product is to have a genuine interest and passion for personal care products/skincare and to contribute value to the community by contributing quality posts, evidence-based preferred.

We just shipped a body lotion sample, and our next product coming up will be a deodorant. We’ll keep everyone posted on next steps.


This sounds wonderful, can’t wait to be apart of the community and see it grow.


Thanks for the email update. I’m definitely looking forward to participating on this exciting community. I really enjoy skin care topics.


I also would love to join but do not see a little blue sign up icon anywhere.


Congratulations, if you are typing in this forum, you’ve already joined :wink: . Please be sure to read the FAQ in this post to be sure you understand how we select people to test our products. If it’s still not clear let me know.


thank you for the email invite i look forward to all of the community and what it has to offer and what i have to offer also…i am hoping that I did what i needed to so that I could join!


You’ve joined the forum, which is the first step. Some forum members will be invited to participate in product development modules. We select forum members we feel are passionate about skin care and who add value to our community, to help co-develop our products. Please be sure to read our FAQ so you understand how we select Co-Creators.


Thanks for the invite! I hope I am chosen to be a tester! This sounds like a lot of fun!!


I am so excited to be a part of this company and to get opportunities that others dont…also to have my input and opinions count is great!! Looking forward to all I can offer this company and that you would allow me to take such place as co creator etc.


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