Co-Creator Post Migration Test Post


Hello Co-Creators! This would be a great place to practice using the new forum :slight_smile:

By the way, just hit the colon “:” to bring up the prompt for an emoji.

I’m still going through everything. Some posts may be broken or look wonky, if you see something, just let me know by posting a link to the topic and hitting me up @John.

Happy exploring :airplane: :





So far it’s easy to navigate. I will take a bit to get used too but thanks for the update.


Hello everyone :slight_smile:️ This new system looks really nice, but it may take me a little bit to get used to.


Hello and welcome, early adopter!


Love that it can be added to the home screen on mobile and that there are mobile notifications


Yes, it’s a little different for sure. Something fun to learn.


Yes, super convenient. Never miss an update :smile:


Yay! I’m so excited for the new platform!


Welcome! I received a notification in my email, and am responding via email.


Yep, took me a bit too, great to have you here.


Hi, everyone! Did the tour and peeked around a bit. Need to get back to work, I’ll check back tonight :slight_smile:


Hello all. I’m finally inside! The new site is very visually appealing! But please bear with me as I make my way around the new, upgraded digs. :thinking:


Reading you loud and clear.


New system looks really nice! I just finished the tutorial, and it totally reminds me of being on forums back in middle school, which is fun!


Middle school, sweet. We’ll take it as a compliment.

How is yoga teacher training coming along?


I really like that when I go to read a forum, that I’m taken to the most recent comment and not the very beginning of the forum. That is so convenient! No more scrolling and scrolling and scrolling ad infinitum. :clap:t4:


Haha, it’s absolutely a compliment! I miss the forum aspect of the internet, although I still get some of it on Reddit. And thank you for asking! I graduated this past weekend, and my studio hired me! I just taught my first class this morning.

(Side note: I ran out of the body wash sample that smells like geranium, and I wish I had more!!!)


Totally! We think it’s “little” things like these which will add to a better online experience :+1: