Coconut Mango


In another topic I remembered an amazing scent in a moisturizer I had used over 10 years ago.My family and I went to Hawaii and stayed at the (dream resort) Hilton Wiakoloa Village.They had the best smelling moisturizer that they sold in thier own villiage spa.Called “Kohala Spa Coco Mango Essence.” What I would give to have a supply of this stuff!I can’t seem to find any product ingredients…the website where you can order some does not disclose this information…it’s more than just coconut and mango.Would love to find out! Still researching.


Sounds like a great scent combination, will have to put that one on the list.


That wounds awesome! I love the thought of this scent. I for sure don’t think I had smelt anything like this before but, it reminds me of a fully summery scent!


It was tropical and clean smelling.

I feel like it
had some floral undertones.
Not so sure…wish I knew all the ingredients.
They are keeping this one a secret…calling it thier signature blend.


that would be a different scent. I once tried a sample of a lotion that was ginger citrus. It was amazing.


that does sound like it smells really good, i would love to try it.
the best smelling perfume i have tried was plumeria from bath and body works. which they only sale every so often, i have been looking for a scent to replace it.


omg, that sounds amazing! I love a good scent that makes me wanna taste it, but I don’t of course lol!


That scent sounds like a dream come true hahaha. I’d LOVE to have a product like that! Mango is one of my favorite scents ever and I really love coconut too. I hope you end up being able to find the ingredient list!


I used to wear a Coconut Mango body oil. The most lasting impressions of Coconut scents for me are Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Oil and Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers Fragrance “G.”



Coconut, not so much, but the mango sounds
soooo good. If you find a source, please send it along, I’d love to try it!


Coconut Mango. Seriously though, that’s my two favorite things to eat and smell!!!
I’d be interested in knowing more about that stuff!


That sounds amazing. My sister loves mango scents and I’ve always liked coconut. If I could find something like it I would be willing to try it.


Here is a picture of the stuff.

You can order it on the Kohala Spa website…it’s pricey at over 30 for under 7 oz.
I keep searching for a “dupe”…
Things that come up include a scent combo of mango, coconut, pineapple, and papya.
Oh I want a tropical lotion!



I like coconut scent as long as it’s light and its not that fake “cocoa buttery” type smell. I really like mango for eating and it smells really good and fruity, but I’m not sure how I would feel about it being on my body. I’m curious and interested.


Sounds wonderful but I have no clue how to get your hands on it.


Sounds delicious! I just ordered a tropical scented fragrance mist (Maui Mango Surf) from Bath &amp: Body Works, maybe they have something in a scent that would be close?