Colostrum Anti-aging ingredient


I just started using a product with Colostrum. Which claims to be the most powerful, cell-building, and all-natural ingredient known, and naturally utilized by our cells. Predicted to be the next big thing in the beauty industry. So I was curious if anyone else has used products with it. I always love trying new products and see if they are the next big thingl!


Colostrum has been an ingredient in some face creams for many years along with



I read a lot of information about it’s history, how it is possibly the oldest and most researched super food in all of human history. I also have followed studies about the benefits of the placenta.


That’s amazing! Good for you! No, I haven’t used any products with this. I tend to stick with vegan products as much as possible.


Would love your take on this poll: Poll: Beeswax Pro or Con?


Yes, most definitely I prefer beeswax over petroleum based products anytime. Beeswax does not clog your pores like petroleum based products do. Definitely PRO!


As far as I know, I haven’t used anything that has that, but it sounds very interesting! I’ll have to pay attention to the ingredients when buying new things to see if it has it. I’d like to see the difference between results using products that do and don’t have it.


Really? Placenta. Bleech.


Yeah I’m hoping to see a difference.


For years celebrities have been getting placenta facials, from the afterbirth of sheep, pigs, cows (and even humans) it is rich in nutrients and is thought to stimulate collagen production – keeping the skin looking young. You would probably be shocked by the ingredients that are used today.


Stem cells, including plant cells are newly advanced skin care ingredients with promise. Already being used in medical applications for miraculous results.
Refer to this GREAT article here. With great details on the source, skin/cell biology and how it works in a cellular biological level Stem Cells in Skin Care



Hoping for good results


On an internal note, I was curious for those who are lactose intolerant and was surprised to find out that colostrum can actually help alleviate that condition in some cases. More research needs to be done and I don’t think it is a long term product but it’s an ingredient that would make for great research. A few studies were mentioned in both articles.


@stormidoll Yes, the other just has an “Ick” factor I can’t get past. The vegan products just seem so much fresher somehow?! :herb::cat:


I’ve tried Colostrum in pill and powder form but didn’t know it was in skin care products. As for Placenta no thanks I think I’ll pass on that.


I started using vegan products recently and have already noticed a huge difference in my skin.


I have not tried it, but am opened to the idea if works