Community collaboration ideas- Chris Chung


I know you said not to say things are great! “But the truth is they are! @Melissa_Levick you have done a awesome job with this group and Im excited For the future of CC.

With that being said there are a few things that would make the experience even more amazing and those are:

  1. More prize winning opportunities such as trivia questions or guess that makeup game!
  2. Having a “Post It” day where members would upload a picture of their favorite brand makeup and tell us about it including price and where to get it. Or on anything that is important to that member.
  3. Also have a “do’s and don’t topic where we all share our knowledge of makeup applications, cosmetics that don’t work, what not to buy etc.

These are all great ideas, especially #3! I’ve definitely had the issue of thinking a product doesn’t work, only to find out I was using it wrong.


Ikr! Same here! I depend a lot on YouTube videos to get by.